Ultimate Silver Dream interconnects

The shimmering, transparent sound of pure silver. 




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Ultimate Silver Dream interconnects - with a choice of RCA connectors or with XLRs for balanced connections

This is our finest achievement. We'll take on all-comers with these invincible cables! We truly do not believe that you can achieve significant improvements on this, without spending thousands of pounds (except for own flagship "Nth Degree" cable of course!).

The Ultimate Silver Dream uses the same high-purity silver conductors as the acclaimed "Silver Dream", but with eight conductors instead of four. This lowers the overall resistance of the cable, whilst keeping the individual solid silver conductors at the same optimal thickness. The result is a cable that retains all the fantastic sound quality benefits of "Silver Dream", but offers the following further improvements:

* Perceived stereo soundstage dimensions increase in all directions. Individual instruments within the soundstage become even more rock-solid and focussed.

* Instruments take on greater realism, with more explosive dynamics.

* Further low-level detail is revealed - especially in the resolution of concert-hall ambience and natural or studio-created reverb trails, etc. This tends to create more of those spine-tingling "you are there" moments.

* There is an even greater sense of total tonal even-handedness throughout the frequency range.

* The bottom end becomes slightly fuller and more powerful, without introducing thickness. Rather like the effect of introducing a very high quality subwoofer into a system at a very low level, so that its contribution is not obvious  - this has the surprising effect of improving one's perception of frequencies further up the range: midrange becomes less electronic, treble sweetens.

* An even greater range of recordings and music becomes enjoyable on your system. A common failing of high-resolution hi-fi systems is that ordinary recordings become unlistenable and you can only get listening pleasure from "audiophile" recordings. The best quality silver cables will reduce this effect - with no loss of detail.

* Musical flow is further improved. Music seems to gush out of the speakers in an uninhibited liquid flow.




This cable can be ordered with the wonderful "Cardas SLVR" RCA connectors, which are manufactured to a very high standard and have all surfaces silver-plated, further improving the sound.









September 2014: Rave review from Hi-fi Choice:



November 2012: The prestigious "Hi-fi News and Record Review" gave this cable a highly complimentary review in its December 2012 edition:

This magazine is probably the longest-running and most highly respected of all hi-fi magazines - having been around for over 50 years. So it is a great thrill for us to get this review.


Some excerpts from the review:

"The hi-res recording of Vivaldi's violin concerto was depicted beautifully by Artisan's silver cable, the resolution of fine detail helping to give a most vivid portrayal of the acoustic in which the instruments were recorded. The strings had real leading-edge 'bite', the speed of transients all adding to the sense of 'being there' at a real musical event."


"Fresh and subjectively brightly lit, its openness helped the image to appear wide and deep."


"...praised highly for the way it allowed us to hear buried details of percussion and electronic effects. Moreover, it also sounded lovely with the Bantock symphony excerpt."



The full review can be read in the December 2012 edition of "Hi-fi News and Record Review" magazine.









May 2010: For those who doubt that the quality of the cables used in a high-end hi-fi system can fundamentally affect the end performance of the system, don't just take our word for it; read what Kevin Galluci of UltraAudio.com has to say in his review of the Ultimate Silver Dream interconnects:

"What first caught my attention was how clear these interconnects sounded...I could really hear the notes decay...Music seemed to flow through these interconnects unimpeded...There’s a lot going on in this song, and the Ultimate Silver Dreams sorted it all out with great precision. Instruments were presented in their own individual spaces, with air around each...There was a natural sense of realism to the midrange...everything was vividly lifelike...silver is expensive; to move up to silver interconnects, you usually have to spend a lot of money...I believe the Ultimate Silver Dream is superb for the price, and a real bargain for anyone looking to get into silver cables."

Ultra Audio Review here


April 2010: A comprehensive write-up of the Ultimate Silver Dream cables by a customer - click here to read

Despite ever rising costs, our prices in 2015 are still lower than at the end of 2011 - details here: lower-prices.htm


Choose your preferred plug option and length:


Pair of "Ultimate Silver Dream" interconnect cables, terminated with standard RCA plugs






Pair of "Ultimate Silver Dream" interconnect cables, terminated with Cardas SLVR RCA plugs








Pair of "Ultimate Silver Dream" balanced interconnect cables, terminated with XLR connectors

Available in sizes from half a metre to 1.75 metres. Please choose the size required from the drop-down menu:




New option: any of the above cables can be specified as a shielded design for an additional £60.

For situations where hum or other noise is likely to audibly break through - highly recommended for very low signal-level connections, such as between a turntable and phono-stage.

The basic design of the cables remains the same, but they are covered in shielding to reject hum etc, then covered in an outer protective coating of black expandable heatshrink.

To add shielding for one pair of cables, please click the "Add to cart" button below.