Ultimate Silver Stream pure silver USB cable

The shimmering, transparent sound of pure silver. 



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Why upgrade your USB cable? In the high-end hi-fi world everything matters. All elements in the chain affect the end result.

The new breed of computer audiophile - intent on extracting the best possible sound from computers - knows this better than most. Many listen with external USB DACs and pipe the resulting sound through high-end headphone amps feeding super-revealing headphones, or into a high-end hi-fi system. This is high-definition listening and just like watching a big high-definition television, non-optimum elements earlier in the chain are ruthlessly revealed.

This is when a high-quality pure silver USB cable installed between the computer and the external USB DAC can make a big difference (there are those who claim that it can't possibly make much difference, but those folks have obviously not tried it!).

Ultimate Silver Stream USB


Our pure silver USB cable is back by popular demand and is now re-designed, re-named and improved.

The winning formula of 4 pure silver conductors, each individually encased in Teflon tubing remains. In addition, the cable is fully screened against outside interference and the power lines are completely isolated from the data lines along the length of the cable. This screening of the data lines from the power lines is usually only present in stratospherically expensive cables.

Replacing the bog-standard USB cable with the original USB cable in a high quality set-up gave the following improvements:

Acoustic instruments and vocals sound more realistic and natural.

Mid-range and treble sound purer and cleaner (upper-mid and treble roughness is reduced - less digital-sounding).

Upper treble extension and air improve without harshness.

Greater amounts of low-level information are revealed throughout the frequency range.

Busy recordings sound more organised, with all elements clearly revealed, whilst retaining a luscious tonal balance.


The upgrades in the new cable's design lead to the following improvements over the original cable:

*The data lock is far more secure and unlikely to drop out in the presence of power spikes etc.

*The sound quality has now jumped into the highest league. There is a greater sense of inter-note silence and the tonal spectrum takes on a "rightness" that make all music sound better (audiophile recordings or not).

*Particularly noticeable is the upper treble, which seems to soar to the skies without harshness.

*Low level musically relevant details become more obvious and clearly heard.


People are often surprised by the fundamental improvements that a great USB cable can make:

[Customer feedback February 2012] "Dear Alister,
just a brief note to tell you that your USB cable made a major difference: the combination of musical flow and micro-detail is miles ahead of any other 'audiophile' cable I have tried between my Mac and Zodiac Antelope Gold + Voltikus DAC. In particular you get an acoustic bass to literally stand in your room: body, growl and snare are downright physical. What a great follow-on on your RCA Silver Dreams!
Norbert Reis"


Your USB DAC is not able to perform to its full capabilities until it is fed with this cable.



We believe that there is currently no other USB cable on the market that can touch this for less than 1000 (apart from our own "Double Purity" USB cable) 30-day 100% money back guarantee. If you disagree with the above statement, or are in any way not satisfied with the performance of this amazing cable, please return it in original condition for a full refund. Free Worldwide shipping.

Despite ever rising costs, our prices in 2015 are still lower than at the end of 2011 - details here: lower-prices.htm



Ultimate Silver Stream USB

Ultimate Silver Stream pure silver USB A to USB B cable

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"Hi Alister,
Last night I had my first listen with the USB cable. From the first note it was so obvious that my skepticism that there could be any truly audible differences between USB cables was entirely unfounded. I was blown away actually. I thought "I'm not even going to bother A/B'ing this with my old cable as the difference is so major that there's no point A/B'ing to confirm what I already know." Absolutely everything has improved very noticeably. Was I ever missing out on much unrealized potential of my system. My system already sounded great, but this cable has really lifted everything to a whole new level and I am shocked quite frankly. I really wasn't expecting this.
Thank you!