Review of Hart Audio KIT "Kinetic Isolation Tool"
isolation pads, 24th November 2021


Genius inventor David Hart (the man behind Hart Audio) has been known to spend years honing complex speakers of his own design then selling them in tiny limited quantities to very satisfied audio aficionados. 

Mr Hart doesn’t always make things easy on himself! 

But of course that is the cost of chasing perfection...


So I was surprised when David gave me a set of four quite simple looking, but nicely-finished black pads to try underneath hi-fi equipment. I thought has he gotten lazy in his old age?! 


I guess it doesn’t matter: it turns out that they may be simpler than audiophile speakers, but they are still supremely effective. 

I placed two under my Chord Qutest DAC (an item that I am love with for its sensational abilities). The DAC is small, so you can’t fit four pads under it. 


The result? A quite obvious improvement. The Chord’s large soundstage expanded in width and depth to a surprising degree. 

The other two I then placed under my Red Rose amp and this caused further improvements to emanate from my Cadence Amayas. These little known speakers are electrostatic from 900 Hz upwards. Every time you feed them something better, they lap it up – it feels like the sky’s the limit. A great tool for reviewing stuff...


So, to cut a long story short, it seems that it really is the case that the more you isolate electronics, the cleaner, purer and more open everything becomes. Isolation pads are not just for turntables…


There was sensation that distortion/noise had been reduced, freeing up the music. 

Bass lost some artificial thickening and became a little faster and lighter on its feet, whilst somehow losing no depth and power. 

The music became more organised and therefore more natural, the treble became sweeter and cleaner, the image expanded… In short, All Good!


This audiophile hobby continues to surprise after all these years – I wasn’t surprised they helped, but I was surprised to gain such a degree of system-wide improvement from something so simple and inexpensive… 


I am going to buy this set of four and another two sets and put ‘em under everything! 

David is selling a set of four Kinetic Isolation Tools (KIT for short) for £40, which given the nature and magnitude of the improvement in sound strikes me as a remarkable bargain. 

The Genius Inventor strikes again! 

To order directly from Hart Audio, 

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