Silver Hybrid 3

mains power cable

May 2020: Now the "Silver Hybrid 3" takes things to the next level: 

Exquisitely made IEC connectors from Oyaide of Japan now feature on all power cables (see updated pics below). 


The UK variant has an Oyaide C-037 IEC and a UK 3-pin mains plug with silver-plated pins & internal silicon damping. 

The European and US variants have Oyaide connectors on both ends: C-037 & P-037.  


I've been running a couple of these in my own system and I can say that the improved connectors really do make a difference. Especially on higher-res files, greater amounts of natural detail are present and new stuff is being heard. There is greater clarity, yet the tonal balance remains sweet, full & natural.  


The "Silver Hybrid 3" mains power cable comes with a choice of UK, US, or European style connectors.


This cable uses Silver-Plated OFC conductors, allowing us to bring it to you at a favourable price.


Under-estimate the

"Silver Hybrid 3" at your peril: this cable will improve the sound quality of pretty much any hi-fi component.



The welcome return of affordable mains power cables to our range:

As you also know, it's our stated intent to offer the very best possible price/performance ratio.  

So we've teamed up with the same superb contractor we used before and created this new design.

We have had to increase the price for this new version due to the more complex construction, but we've kept the increase as modest as possible and we feel confident that the improvements are more than worth it.





Detailed improvements over the original "Silver Hybrid 2":

1. Great care has been taken to reduce magnetic field interference between the conductors.


2. Internal materials have been carefully chosen to improve rejection of mechanical vibration.


3. Improved anti-RFI filtering prevents the cable radiating interference to other parts of the system + protects the cable from external sources of RF interference.

4. Finally, some of our customers disliked the last design's lack of flexibility. The new cable is much more flexible.




How it affects the sound:


The "Silver Hybrid 3" offers  a more refined sound from any given hi-fi component than the bog-standard IEC cables  that commonly come supplied and also improves on the last version.


As with version 2, the sound becomes smoother yet clearer. It seems to remove a layer of hash and confusion, allowing the component get on with delivering the music in an unflustered easy way.

Version 3 seems to remove unpleasant noise-related peaks in the treble that you may not have even realized were there, whilst retaining plenty of treble "air" and enabling the attached component to dig deeper into midrange textures - resulting in greater naturalness and realism, especially with voices.

Bass lumpiness is reduced - it sounds more tuneful and natural.

It must be stressed that (as with any power cable) the effect varies in strength depending  on which component it's plugged into - but we tried it with various components & found improvements in all of them.

Customer feedback for "Silver Hybrid 3" mains cable (+ Ultimate Silver Dream interconnects bought earlier) August 2018:

"WOW....,plugged in to my X40, this was a match made in heaven! The soundstage is so wonderfully large now both in height and width. The central vocals and all other instruments have space around them. Tonally the bass is strong and powerful but in complete control, the treble so shimmeringly clear.

I never knew your cables could make such a difference! They should be classed as hi-fi equipment in their own right! Even my sceptical wife now thinks my system sounds clearer and better!

Thanks Alister, I am now listening to my very large music collection all over again with a massive smile on my face! Best regards, Barry"



Ordering details:

Free worldwide shipping. 


[May 2021 update: Oyaide connectors now back in stock with the UK distributor - please feel free to order.]

"Silver Hybrid 3" Power Cable

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[Recent research suggests that power cables are sensitive to length and that somewhere around 1.7 metres gives the optimum effect. We don't understand why this works, but listening seems to support the idea, so we are now offering the cable only in this length.]