Our flagship cable: 

"The Nth Degree"

 "To the nth degree" - a phrase meaning

"To the utmost degree; without limit".


With a choice of Furutech CF-102R RCAs, or Furutech CF-601M & CF-602F XLRs


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Connector type:

The best analogue cable we know how to make...


So what happens if you throw everything you know at making a pure silver cable perform "to the Nth Degree", without worrying about the cost?


The answer: "pure magic"! We're very excited indeed about the performance of this new cable...


These are not only the best cables we've ever made - we genuinely believe they will stand comparison with the best in the world. And as you've come to expect from Artisan Silver Cables: at a fraction of the price...


Construction of the cable:


Eight pure silver conductors - each individually insulated in over-sized Teflon tubing (creating a predominantly ideal air dielectric) and arranged in a braided configuration which naturally rejects outside EMI and RF interference.

So far, this is the same as our best-selling "Ultimate Silver Dream" interconnects, but here's where it starts to differ:


The cable used has had Deep Cryogenic Treatment.

In addition, the whole assembly is shielded - using lessons that we learned about how to make effective shielding that doesn't interfere with a cable's musicality, when we were designing our "Ultimate Digital Dream" flagship digital cable. The shielding further improves the rejection of external interference, in addition to the effect of the braided configuration.


Twice as much silver - half the resistance: More significantly, the shielding allows us to wire all eight pure silver conductors to the signal-carrying positive pin and the shielding is then wired to the return. Thus, twice as  many pure silver conductors are dedicated to carrying the delicate musical signal, which therefore meets just half of the (already very low) electrical resistance found in the "Ultimate Silver Dream".

We then fit connectors suitable for a flagship cable - see below:




We use the same connectors used by the "Absolute Dream" interconnects from Crystal Cable, which sold for over £10,000 for a one metre pair in the UK. 


Despite our "cost-no-object" agenda for "The Nth Degree" interconnects, we haven't been able to make them anywhere near so expensive!

Furutech's CF-102R plugs are very expensive, but their build quality is literally second-to-none - and they really do affect the overall sound very positively.


People question how a plug can have a sound. In fact it is more a question of it having no sound - which is of course the "Holy Grail" of high-end music reproduction. Obsessive design detailing and construction remove all sources of sound degradation which normally occur in audio connectors: 


1.) Eddy currents which can appear inside plugs are prevented from occurring by careful design and material choices.


2.) The construction and materials used serve to reject external sources of RF and EM interference.


3.) The internal connections are extremely secure and solder-free - minimizing signal loss and eliminating any effects of solder on the sound quality.


4.) Finally, they are a locking design: plug them in and then tighten the collars: the plugs then grip tightly onto your equipment's RCA sockets, for an ultra-secure and low-loss connection.


For more information on the Furutech CF-102R plugs, click here.



If you need balanced XLR cables, we use the Furutech CF-601M & CF-602F XLRs - made to exactly the same standards as the RCAs.

In our opinion, these are the world's finest XLR connectors.

Expensive, but worth it!


Once again these are the XLR connectors used by the £10,000+ "Absolute Dream" XLR interconnects from Crystal Cable.


For more information on the Furutech CF-601 XLR plugs, click here.

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How Does it Sound?


When hi-fi components and accessories have no sound of their own, all you are left with is the music - flowing unimpeded and naturally in all its glory.

We got quite a surprise when we first plugged the "Nth Degree" interconnects into our audiophile test system.

Even casual non-audiophile listeners wanted to know what significant upgrade had been done.


*A very full-bodied sound, full of energy and life. Voices & instruments seem to "glow" from the inside.


*Natural or studio reverb is resolved all the way in and there is a sense of hearing every available bit of mid-range texture (like the effect of a really good pair of high-end headphones).


*Bass is rollicking and full-blooded, with a very convincing rhythmic "swing" (like a well-fettled high-end direct-drive or idler-drive turntable).


*Treble sounds convincing and natural - super-extended, silkily refined & completely devoid of nasties.


*The whole spectrum seems to hang together convincingly and all frequencies feel in time with each other.


*Digital sources seem to sound more "analogue". The overall sound flows in a self-assured, easy way. It is luscious, propulsive and realistic - it accentuates the positive while not glossing over information.






Customer feedback March 2016:

"I dread to think what you would need to spend on an alternative cable to even come close to this audio supremacy!!" Read Tom's full review here.






Order "The Nth Degree" interconnects here:


The Furutech plugs are ordered separately for each "Nth Degree" order. Also, we will burn in the cable for you for 48 hours, at no extra cost. Therefore there will be approximately 10-14 days turnaround between placing an order and it being dispatched and the 30 day trial period is not available.


Available in sizes from half a metre to 1.75 metres.

Please choose the size required and whether you want RCA or XLR connectors from the drop-down menus below:


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