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Silver Dream

Silver Dream RCA interconnect cables.


It's our stated mission to bring the joys of pure silver cables to as wide a range of audiophiles as possible. 

To this end, we offer the Silver Dream, a beautiful-sounding pure silver interconnect, starting from just £179 per pair. 



Four high-purity solid silver conductors, arranged in double-balanced four conductor Litz braid.

Each of the 4 conductors individually insulated with Teflon®. 

Terminated with very high quality Cardas SLVR "Silver Signature" RCA plugs.

Or for those on a budget, we can fit Neutrik REAN352G plugs - details below.


These cables have received great acclaim from our customers - click here to see our Feedback pages.

Further description of the wonderful Silver Dream sound can be found on the "what you'll hear" page.



October 2009: Chris Redmond's review on, in which he very favourably compares the

Silver Dreams to the £1000+ Kimber Select KS-1030!


Six Moons Review here





Silver Dream offers two choices for RCA plugs: the default choice is the excellent

Cardas "SLVR Silver Signature" RCA plugs.








For those of you on a tighter budget, you can now specify Neutrik's REAN352G - giving a £20 saving over the Cardas version.

We've tried various budget RCAs and found that these have the best construction & sound at the price.  

With Neutrik REAN352G RCA plugs

With Cardas "SLVR Silver Signature" RCA plugs


Order here:


RCA terminated pair of Silver Dream interconnect cables from £199, depending on connector choice & length


Available in sizes from half a metre to 1.75 metres.


Please choose your preferred RCA connectors & length required from the drop-down menus below:


Free World-wide shipping.




Silver Cables - Full Range




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