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Feedback 2021

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December 2021

[The N'th Degree flagship interconnects]


"Hi again Alister,

That’s wonderful news! Thank you very much. 

Even better news now that they’ve arrived and been installed!

The Home Grown Audio Silver Lace which they have replaced (between preamp and amp) had a slightly mellow presentation without the same dynamic speed, accuracy, or bass punch and texture. More top end air for the N’th Degree is also very nice - and they haven’t even been in the system for an hour yet!


Immediately after fitting the cables I sat down for a listen (Epica, one of my favourite groups, symphonic metal). Better bass punch and texture was quickly apparent and the female vocalist, who has great range and the ability to convey emotions, went from being a localised part of the soundstage to in the room with me!


The biggest improvements actually came when I remembered that the whole point of getting this cable was to pull the preamp (which sits to the side) away from the rest of the system - something I hadn’t yet done. Sitting back down again after rectifying the situation, hairs rose all over my body! Now the entire band and orchestra are physically present. And the best is still a couple of hundred hours away… Wow!...

...Thanks for another wonderful pair of cables and for ensuring they reached me so quickly.


Best wishes to everyone at Artisan Silver Cables, and specifically to you and yours, for peace, prosperity, good health and happiness this Christmas and New Year.





September 2021

[Ultimate Silver Dream interconnects, with black Furutech XLRs]

"OK… fancy packaging or expensive advertising with this company instead you get truly great quality cables at a realistic price.

Very nice people to deal with and first class communication……and the "Ultimate Silver Dream" pure silver balanced interconnects with black Furutech XLR connectors connected via my Musical Fidelity M8-Xi  to Marantz SA-10 SACD player through big PMC EB1’s lived up to their name ….without going into the normal audiophile speak they were quite simply all around amazing and Jeff Beck (Truth) never sounded so good!.....highly recommended.




August 2021

[Silver Dream 2 headphone cable, to fit Focal headphones]


"Hello again!

Thanks for your cables! ....

...Your cables are now well kneaded and I’ve now compared them with a few others, including of course the original Focal cables.

Here is what I found out.

First round.


  1. With the original Focal Cable. Quite ok. Some top end may be missing and the sound is perhaps a little muffled? Hard to know.

  2. With your cable. More open sound and with more details and nuances. Greater range. Also with your cable more life and energy and actually more fun. The Focal Cable now sounds a little dull. I first thought your cable would sound with a certain reduced body as they are quite thin (and not combined with any "muscular" copper strands) but luckily that was not the case. On a CD from the Swedish audiophile label Op 3, 4 guitars are playing some transcribed Bach-music. This is a recording for comparing how to deal with sharp transients. With the original Focal cables the sound becomes a little hard, short and inelastic (run by a tranny amp if not by a valve dito). With your cables the music sounds more fun, softer, richer and with the notes more lingering and tuneful. (My music fare is basically classical music.)


Second round.

I now compared your cable with two rather famous US aftermarket ones.

The one is the Draug 2 or 3 copper occ litz for about $320, the other is the Silver Dragon for about $340.

Of these US cables I preferred the Draug ones. I bought both a few years ago for my Focal Elear.

Well the funny thing is that I preferred the original Focal Cable to both these two aftermarket US Cables!

The Focal ones have somewhat more space and somewhat more treble (in spite of these Silver Dragon ones!).

So silver is no guarantee for a better or more extended treble! Which of course you already know...


...So hearty congratulations on your cables! 😉


Best regards,

Björn Westberg"


[The Nth Degree XLR analogue interconnects] 

"After literally months of trying different XLR interconnects - some borrowed, some purchased with return policies I finally found these absolutely fabulous interconnects that play to the strengths of my Holo Audio May KTE dac and Broadway class A balanced amplifier,


The Artisan Nth Degree XLR interconnects finished with the gorgeous  Furutech CF-601 M and CF 602 F XLR ends proved themselves to me. I prefer a neutral cable and this is what they are - my listening session didn’t take long to realize these are the ones !


The other interconnects I tried some highly recommended and some twice the price of the Artisan Nth Degree failed to convince me of their over enthusiastic online recommendations .,..The Artisan Silver Nth Degree interconnects are an absolute bargain !




July 2021

[Silver Hybrid 3 mains power cable]


"Hi Alister

I still want to share my experience with the power cord.

I always used high quality cables in my system but since I changed to your latest power cord between my kemp power station and my cd transport the sound is more open, with better separation but also more intimate.

This is all happening without losing musicality.  A great achievement. Thanks again for another great product.  

May 2021

[Silver Dream 2 pure silver upgrade cable for Focal Utopia headphones]


Marc Elsworth: "Just to advise mine has turned up safe and well.

Currently with little burn in, I’m blown away with the clarity and overall sound I’m getting from this silver cable and can only expect it to get better.

The Construction is first class as is the shielding and Furutech connector is excellent when I see cheaper ends on more expensive cables.

Both my Chord Hugo2 + 2Go and Focal Arche and Utopias have had the pleasure of these plugged in all day and I’m very very impressed.

I can’t recommend enough for the value."


[Ultimate Digital Dream, with Furutech CF-601M & CF-602F XLR connectors]


"First impressions, after a few hours of listening... I'm just blown away of how good and musical my system can sound! Really amazing job, guys!


Only problem, now I'll have to buy also 2 pcs of balanced Nth degree analog interconnects...



April 2021

[Ultimate Digital Dream with WBT 0110AG RCA connectors]

Hi Alister! 

Been playing my new digital cable for approx 50 hours. I think it's reached his full potential. 

When the description of something these days comes with the words like " magic", " magical" I  usually starting to get very suspicious or even sceptical. 

But seems to me even today could be exceptions. 

Your cable is truly magical. Thank you. 

In future I definitely know where to get my new cable. 

Keep on making people happy! 

March 2021

[Ultimate Silver Dream analogue interconnects]


"Dear Alister,

 In February of 2015, I purchased two pairs of your "Ultimate Silver Dream" interconnects.

These cables are still in use in my system and still sound delightful!

I have compared them with some older "Music & Sound", pure silver interconnects and some highly rated, "Silnote Morpheus Reference" interconnects. I keep returning to the Ultimate Silver Dreams for their more detailed and pleasing sound.

Consequently, I'm ordering a third pair so that all my system interconnects are matching Ultimate Silver Dreams...


Ed Snyder"


February 2021

[Darren's back with more - having purchased a second set of The Nth Degree interconnects, to complete the picture.]


"Well Alister, that’s the full set fitted

(2 power cords 2 NTH DEGREE cables 1 AES/EBU Ultimate Digital Dream cable}

wish I’d bought these 10 years  ago

Amazing value with amazing sound

The last set of NTH degree have not been run in yet having only arrived this morning but still sound sublime

will be back for more power cords for the power blocks and purifier blocks




January 2021

[The Nth Degree RCA analogue interconnects]


"Hello Alister,


Cables arrived nice and early today so I was able to install them quickly...  

...It is very early days but I thought I would let you know my initial thoughts on the upgrade from USD to The Nth degree.


My system consists of;


Audiomat CD 1 connected by a USD XLR Digital cable to


Music First Audio Baby Reference ( Silver wired ) Passive Pre Amp  connected by Artisan Silver Nth Degree XLR with Furutech CF-601 plugs to


ATC SCM 50 ASL speakers.


My first impressions were;


Quality of the plugs and cabling. When connecting the plugs were a good tight fit. Much tighter ( and better) than any plug I have used to date which can only be good for the sound quality. The cabling/sheath I especially like. It is much more attractive and is more flexible than the USD and will certainly be easier to keep clean.


Once connected and playing a couple of CDs I found the following.


Straight away I noticed that the background between the voices/instruments was quieter and more discernible which in turn allowed the voices/instruments to have more clarity/image and depth. This also presented a smoother stereo stage.


Very smooth upper/mid range.


This is where the Nth degree was really noticible. An enhanced lower register over the USD. There is a clear thud which is sharp and clear but in a smooth way.


So very pleased and impressed. Despite going through the upgrade trail with your cables I still did not believe there would be such a difference between the USD and the Nth Degree. Well yet again I was gladly proved wrong and that is only a couple of hours in.


I will now allow the cables to burn in for 50 hrs play and see what further delights are in store.


Thanks you once again Alister. I certainly recommend the upgrade to the Nth Degree.


You may use this recommendation if you wish. I will certainly update my review after the 50 hour burn in if you wish to wait.


One happy customer


Best regards








[The Nth Degree analogue interconnects, Ultimate Digital Dream digital interconnect &

Silver Hybrid 3 power cables]


"Hi Alister

After  purchasing the 2 power cords, the Ultimate Digital Dream AES/EBU and the NTH degree interconnect I just had the complete the set with another NTH degree interconnect 

I would have ordered it a lot earlier but her indoors wanted a new washer /dryer... how selfish 


My system has never sounded so good

The slam in the bass , the highs and micro detail in the treble are incredible 

The depth and width of the soundstage have been the biggest overall surprise


If I could demonstrate my system to potential purchasers of your cable I would have no hesitation 

Look forward to receiving the NTH degree



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