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Feedback 2018

(newest first)

November 2018

[Silver Dream interconnects, with Cardas SLVR "Silver Signature" RCA plugs]



Thanks for the quick shipping of my Silver Dreams.  

I hooked them up right after getting them and listened.  I know I was suppose to wait 50 hrs, but there was an immediate "Good" difference.

-The sound was a bit louder, but more "there" and I noticed I felt relaxed! 

To me, that was the most important difference was the feeling of relaxation while listening.  I was no longer straining to hear missing information; it was all present; even the shading of music that the Kimber KCAG would hint at, the Silver Dreams present fully.


--Unbelievable sound to cost ratio!  


Alister, I can not thank you enough for coming up with your idea of creating Artisan's cables for the average person can afford and enjoy sound quality that I did not know was possible. 

In a couple of years, after I'm  used to the Silver Dreams, I think I'll be upgrading to the Nth Degree....but for now I just want to bath in the beautiful sound that my system is capable of reproducing.



Then, a few days later, the cables above after burn-in:


"Okay, initial listen was when I first plugged the Silver Dream with Cardas connectors cables into my system was to compare them to my Kimber KCAG and the Silver Dream were immediately and notably, better; and I didn't think the sound could get any better and I was very happy.

**50 hour update: WOW!!! Huge sound stage, everyone (instrument/vocal) had it's place on the stage.  The stage was not only in front of me, but I was part of the music....because I could now feel.....hear deeper into everything, the drum was an actual drum, I could actually hear the wooden depth of the hard to it radiated each note into the room, it was no longer just a presentation in front of me, I am now involved! 

The only cable I ever owned that tried to approach these cables, but doesn't come close, was the AudioQuest Diamond, which sold for over $800.00...and these cable trounce the Diamonds....for only $270.00 (Silver Dream, with Cardas connectors).

So, to complete my dream of having a great resolving system, I have purchased 2 more Silver Dreams to complete my connection....look forward to what this brings to the sound!  


Amazing Artisan skill set Alister!



["Silver Dream 2" pure silver headphone upgrade cable to fit Audeze LCD-4]


'Hi Alister,

Cable received this morning. I’m not going to wax lyrical just yet, but I wanted you to know that my impressions after a few hours are that this is a wonderful upgrade. I am stunned by what I’m hearing...

Of course, this means that eventually I’m going to have to have a pair of BNC cables to complete the set-up.


More to follow....

Thanks for the rapid delivery!




September 2018

["Ultimate Silver Stream 2" USB cable & pure silver headphone cable for Oppo PM2. Same customer also left feedback in Feb 2018.]


"Hi Alister, just thought I'd send you an update and I have to say the sound just seems to get better, details are amazing and just downloaded a hi res album and blown away anyone looking for a cable upgrade just go for it you won't regret a penny. Wayne"



August 2018

["Ultimate Silver Dream" interconnects & "Silver Hybrid 3" mains power cable]

"Hi Alister, i don`t normally give feedback on products but I have to say the purchase of two of your cables has totally transformed my modest system!

I bought first the Ultimate Silver Dream interconnect and placed it between my Novafidelity X40 and my Denon AVR and I was gobsmacked of much clearer the sound was and more importantly how 3 dimensional the sound was, placing my favourite singers right in front of me!

This was followed 6 months later with the purchase of your Silver Hybrid 3 mains cable and WOW....,plugged in to my X40, this was a match made in heaven!

The soundstage is so wonderfully large now both in height and width. The central vocals and all other instruments have space around them. Tonally the bass is strong and powerful but in complete control, the treble so shimmeringly clear. I never knew your cables could make such a difference! They should be classed as hi-fi equipment in their own right! Even my sceptical wife now thinks my system sounds clearer and better!

Thanks Alister, I am now listening to my very large music collection all over again with a massive smile on my face!

Best regards, Barry"



["Ultimate Silver Stream 2" USB cable]

"Hi Alister, I’m enjoying the Ultimate Silver Stream 2 USB cable immensely - it really is incredible....Many thanks, Colin"



["Ultimate Digital Dream" with Furutech XLRs]

"Hi Alister,


I should be used to this by now, but the transformation delivered by your Ultimate Digital Dream AES/EBU interconnect is simply jaw-dropping..


(As I’d mentioned,) I’d been listening to my Berkeley Alpha Ref DAC while my usual Lampizator GG is replaced with the new Pacific.. I have never had a very high opinion of the Berkeley, despite its receiving rave reviews. It turns out that the interconnect makes ALL the difference!


Given that everything here is connected with your interconnects and speaker cables, I’d got used to wonderful, three-dimensional sound with full, accurate base, beautifully-defined mids and crystalline but full highs.. Connecting my interim DAC, albeit with an interconnect that cost three times what your interconnect does (!) resulted in my being returned to good, but flatter, far less engaging sound and a really significant reduction in bass, and bass definition..


So, when I received the interconnect yesterday and sat down to listen, I could barely believe my ears.. After about 8 hours (during which I just decided that listening was more important than working!), I found myself back in the land of three-dimensional music, immersed in the kind of ‘present’ sound that I so love.. I’ve got definition everywhere, separation between all the voices (lows, mids and highs) and all of it with an honesty, purity and fullness that is unbelievable. All of the bass response has returned and I can barely believe it’s the same system as it was.. I also turned the Pre-amp down 2dB due to the increase in volume..


So, if that’s not about the best investment I’ve made since your last interconnects arrived, I can’t think of one that matches it!


Nice! As always, a rapturous Thankyou - it’s yet another revelation!




June 2018

["Ultimate Silver Stream 2" USB & "Silver Dream 2" headphone cable]


"Mr Alister

I received the 11 june (27 days after your shipment) your best USB cable (525 can$) named Ultimate Silver Stream 2. This cable replace an "Revelation Audio Labs" USB Cable named Prophecy CryoSilver™ Reference DualConduit™ USB 2.0 Digital Link.


(Their best USB cable at 730 can$) . This old cable was a cryogenic cable. 5 years ago, it replace a Morrow cable.


Your cable is better then the Revelation Audio Labs cable.


It give larger and deeper imaging. It give better details and more presence. It increase the presence of the choirs and instruments in the background of the scene.

In the heavy music  with a lot of instruments, it give a better place tho each ones and decrease the confusion; the singer at the "avant scene" has a better presence. The voices of the singers are richer and have little more grain and better presence.


Your cable is in the burning period. I know that you have done 3 days of burning. But, the cable of my headphone improve his sound for 225 hours. I must say that my DAC and my Amp (The best of Shiit Audio) have a excellent accuracy and transparency. With Sennheiser hd 800s (with Artisan replacement cable) and a "Jcat usb Phento" output (on my computer) i can hear all the details and subtlety of the music.


After only 24 hours of burning at home, the sound is better.  I use white noise at a high level to burn it. 


10 minutes ago, i ordered your better analog interconnect named "The Nth Degree" interconnect ( at 1266 can$).


It will replace a "Paradise Cryo-Silver™ Reference RCA Interconnect" cable  from Revelations Audio Labs (1560 can$).

I think it will out perform  it.


This cable complete the line. It is the third Artisan best cables. I hope this third cable will be better than the old, and it will work in synergy with the 2 others.


Thanks you for the products of quality.


Robert Drouin"


April 2018


["Ultimate Silver Dream" analogue interconnects with "Cardas SLVR Silver Signature" RCA plugs]

"The treble was much better balanced in relation to the rest of the frequency range.   The extra detail that I’d noticed in the mid band is now evident in the treble and the bass as well.  I think there is still a very slight softening in the bass on a few recordings, but it is much less noticeable than before.  

Many low level sounds can now be clearly heard for the first time, the characteristic colour of instruments is more definite and identifiable, and music sounds more incisive and realistic.  I think my system has taken a further step forward."

March 2018


["Ultimate Silver Stream 2" pure silver USB cable (comparing well to much more expensive options from Nordost, which pleases us greatly!)]


"Thanks Alister, I have the cable. Sorry my late answer but was in Peru.

I like the cable, it is very balanced in terms of tonality, coherent, non aggressive in the mids and with very good bass controlled and with energy. Is far better than previous model.

Nordost Frey is very good too but is a different thing, maybe for warm systems. For my gear I prefer your cable or Nordost Heymdall.







[Two pairs of "The Nth Degree" XLR cables, as part of a fully Artisan-wired system. Simon has now completed his all-silver journey (in his very highly-resolving system) & seems quite pleased! His experience demonstrates the cumulative merits of using the same wiring right through...]

"Hi Alister,

Today’s a red letter day for me, because the two sets of “The Nth Degree” XLR interconnects you made for me arrived.. So I duly installed them and sat down to listen.. and kept listening.. and kept listening - and will continue to do so with a sense of joy and wonder… Wow!


As you know, the Nth Degrees replaced Audioquest Air silver XLRs connecting DAC to Pre-amp and Pre-amp to monobloc amps.. One pair of the Audioquest cables costs well more than both sets of yours (even with a long pair thrown in!). To be fair, it was the Audioquest interconnects that woke me up to silver - and led to my finding you and Artisan cables.. So they played a big part in getting me to here - but they are simply not in the same league as the Nth Degrees..


I think my first thought as the music started playing was “Holographic” - the musical image is completely three dimensional - and arresting for the way in which the sound enveloped me.. Nice! But as I sat and listened more, here’s what I jotted down so that I wouldn’t forget to tell you.. Even the minutest details are audible - and clear. But this is a really BIG thing, because what it means is that the timing of every sound wave is perfect - and perfectly separated - which means there is no blurring of the fine detail, but perfection in every note, voice, echo, harmonic and vibration..


Individual voices (whether instrumental or human) are audible in full detail, with all of their texture and nuances revealed as I’ve never heard before. This harmonic and textural detail occurs right throughout the range - from the lowest lows to the barely audible highs of a violin played off the finger board! Live performances now create the sensation of being in the auditorium - not listening to what it was like to be there.. And in the midst of many audible voices, there is a sense of space that is just uncanny.. Amazing!


So, as you may suspect, I am overjoyed with the result. Now that my entire signal path is connected with Artisan interconnects and cables, I am confident that I am producing the best sound that’s possible - and it has blown my expectations into the weeds! You have delivered joy - by the truck-load! 


Oh, and for what it’s worth - if anyone reading this hasn’t yet completed the path between amp and speakers with your cables - so that they really get to hear the sound your interconnects deliver - now’s the time to do it! I recently connected one side with the fantastic copper bi-wired cables I had built in Canada prior to using yours - and the sound on that channel was a universe behind the sound I now get to hear every day..


Happy, Happy, Happy! Thanks - as always.. :)"



[Ultimate Silver Dream speaker cables, with WBT 0661-AG silver spade connectors]


"Hello again Alister,

It's been two weeks after I received my new speaker cables. So I thought it would be time to give you an update on how the cables perform in my system. 


Over the past time I’ve been changing expensive components to squeeze that extra bit of clarity and detail out of my audio system. Now I realize that I should have been changing speaker cables instead of changing components. Your pure silver speaker cables really made the difference. After burning in for quite some time, they now bring out lots of detail and an increase of clarity. Most of all they sound incredibly balanced. They really bring out the best...


...The bass is tight and full. The cables deliver great clarity and lots of details without sounding harsh or bright. 


What more can one wish for? These cables are worth the investment. I should have bought them earlier.


Thanks Alister!"


February 2018


[Silver Dream 2 pure silver headphone upgrade cable to fit Oppo PM2

(also "Ultimate Silver Stream 2" USB A to  USB B micro cable - see January)]

"Hi Alister, cables nicely burnt in so here we go.

Bought these upgrades for Oppo Pm2 which were very good with stock cables but we go to the next level, scale and dynamics are superb, lower volumes are necessary due to the increased signal strength.

Soundstage is brilliant as is instrument placement, recording permitting, as poor recording will be ruthlessly exposed.

Vocals are stunning, the voice and piano are a reference and these cables deliver with aplomb. Bass is punchy but controlled, detail is awesome.

My go to album at the moment is Diana Krall live in Paris and this is a benchmark, every nuance is delivered. Highly recommend these cables without reservation."


[Silver Dream 2 pure silver headphone upgrade cable to fit Oppo PM-1]

"Hi Alister,

Much to my surprise (and delight) my Silver Dream 2 cable arrived this morning! I was expecting to have to sit it out for another couple of weeks.

I wasn’t going to let you know what I thought of it until I’d got plenty of hours’ listening done. However, I couldn’t wait to let you know that it has made a massive difference to the sound of my music. Absolutely wonderful! What can I say? Bass is beautiful; forceful, deep and controlled. Mids are wonderfully balanced and the top end is oh-so-sweet. Music is more immediate and captivating. If this only gets better after burn-in that will be the icing on an already sumptuous cake.

Many thanks for such a quick delivery and for a really attractive and well-made cable. I’ll let you know later how my longer-term listening goes.

Anyway, back to the music 👍.

Best regards,




[Ultimate Silver Dream interconnects with Furutech black XLRs and

Ultimate Digital Dream with WBT 110-AG RCAs]

"Hi Alister

I have now received the Ultimate Digital Dream WBT cable which is now installed. 


I have had the Ultimate Silver Dream interconnects with the black Furutech XLR connectors just over a month.

The whole system is elevated, personally I now believe that the missing link is the Ultimate silver speaker cables (single wire+jumpers).  I have a 1.5 metre version which is used in my bedroom system, so I know that sound.

This will have to be my next purchase, before investing in your Nth Degree flagship cables to replace all interconnects in my primary system. 


It’s early days yet for the digital cable (it replaced a very good chord anthem array digital cable) however I believe I am on the path toward the sound that I can live with."



[Ultimate WBT analogue interconnects]

"Hi Alister,

I’m just getting in touch to let you know that the recently arrived Ultimate Silver Dream RCA interconnects with WBT connectors are installed, pretty well run in - and sounding fantastic! 


I guess I’ve come to expect a revelation when things get strapped together using your amazing cables, but I wasn’t sure just how much of a difference these ones would make to the signal from my turntable. But yet again there has been a significant improvement in what I’m hearing - greater depth in the sound stage, more crystalline mids and highs (but without any sign of harshness) and greater separation in the lows - all of which make for a big smile on my face when I sat down to listen! Live acoustic recordings are now very much more three-dimensional and very definitely place me in the best seats in the house!


...Anyhow, thanks again, so much. My kids will be in vinyl heaven when they drop round to listen to their ‘new’ acquisitions - and I’ll be blissing out along with them!


By the way, you’ll see an order for two sets of your Nth Degree XLR cables later this week (I’m just managing cashflow!), one set at 1.0m and the other at 1.25m. I’ve upgraded a Berkeley Alpha Ref DAC’s firmware and it’s sounding way better, but to see just how good, I need to place it on a more or less level playing field with the Lampizator. So, now it’s time to see how much better the sound will be through the existing setup when I replace my Audioquest Wind silver interconnects with your Nth degrees! (I’m betting it will be yet another step forward - but can’t wait to find out!).


Anyhow, stand by for another order. Have a great week!  And thanks again.. :)




["Ultimate Silver Stream 2" USB A to  USB B micro cable]

"Hi Alister,

Cable is great. I hear the positive difference in every aspect:)


Thank you for the great cable!


January 2018


​["Ultimate Silver Stream 2" USB A to  USB B micro cable]


"I am really looking forward to getting these cables for the Pm2 every time I listen to music now with the upgraded otg cable it's so impressive.

Just got Diana Krall live in Paris and the detail is astonishing, so with the headphones upgrade it will be very interesting. Many thanks for a great product. Best wishes, Wayne

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