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Feedback 2009

(newest first):



December 2009


Latest customer feedback nicely describes how silver improves on copper (we couldn't have put it better ourselves!):


I ran your cable on my Hagerman Fry Cleaner, an excellent break in device, for 4 days. My system is connected with Wireworld Eclipse copper balanced interconnects and Wireworld Silver Eclipse bi wire speaker cables. The 2 meter length connects the pre amp to the amplifiers. I replaced the Wireworld with your cable and listened for a few hours. The improvements included firmer bass, although it was not quite as deep as the copper but more transparent, the real improvement was in the mid range and treble. Vocals such as Sarah Brightman, I love her, and Thomas Hampson did not have the slight etch in the upper octaves when they hit those high notes, the treble response in large orchestral massed string passages lost the slight grain that copper produces. The overall sound was more transparent... 

Best Regards,

Marty Thomas"


"Hi Alistair,
To be honest, until now I haven't heard decent silver cables and therefore I've been a firm ccc [continuous cast copper] believer with Omegas and RWA electronics. But, your silver ics really seems to open up my 16 bit NOS DAC. What I did knew was that the Litz geometry is terrific. You obviously seems to have very good solid core silver with right gauge too...

...Silver Dream ics are making wonders in my system - very smooth, extended, open, transparent, quick, detailed and natural!! I have such a great expectations towards your speaker cables....



"Hi just to let you know interconnects arrived – and are all broken in.

I have tended in the past to be a cable sceptic – your product has brought that to a firm stop... 


Dr. James McEwan"


November 2009:

Brilliant new comprehensive review of the Ultimate Silver Dream interconnects (and the original Mark I  Sennheiser Headphone Upgrade Cable), by Amine Slimani at

Link to the full review here.


[Ultimate Silver Dreams] :



"I am more than pleased with the performance.  I am glad I took the decision to go for the Ultimate.  After a long burning period it was well worth waiting for the subtle nuances and cohesion that this interconnect brings to my system.  I am using the Ultimate interconnect between my valve pre and my solid state mono blocks. Here, I am experiencing authority, transparency and cohesion.  The bass is taut and solid with enough air and space in the mids and the treble is simply sublime.  What more can I ask for...

Noel Arthurs"


October 2009:

We have just had a highly complementary full 3-page review on the very popular and respected web site - in which our "Silver Dream" interconnects are very favourably compared to Kimber's £1800+ Select KS-1030 interconnects! Naturally we're very pleased about this. To read the full review, click here


[Ultimate Silver Dreams] "Hello Alister
Many thanks for the prompt delivery of the Ultimate Dream i/cs.
It was good from get go.
Has got about 60 hours on it now.
All the expected superlatives about sound and staging per your claims and customer feedbacks were justified.
Obvious characteristic of note to me was the smoothness without sacrifing detail/resolution and without resorting to emphasis or de-emphasis of the bandwith extremes.
A very balanced and non-fatiguing sound without sounding sluggish or laid-back...
Many thanks.

And here's some feedback on our iPod/ portable audio stereo mini-jack to RCA cable:

"Hello Alister,

I just received the cable and connected it to my set-up.

Upon very first listen, the presentation was indeed shimmering -- crisp, clean and clear in addition to being spacious and articulate.  Compared to the Analysis Plus i-Pod cable I was using, I got the impression of your cable being slightly lighter on the balance but I know I would need to give it a few more days for the cable to settle and fully bloom.  

Overall, I am very impressed from the start.  I am using vintage Western Electric solid core copper cables for my speaker connections and your cable adds a very nice and well-illuminated addition to the sonic set-up now sounds more "liberated" due to the overall clarity and crispness whereas previously I sensed a slightly "bogged down" presentation with the weightier but slightly murkier sounding Analysis Plus cable...




September 2009:

[Ultimate Silver Dreams] "...Anyway, I have been listening to them a fair bit (although I am sure they will continue to "burn in" - I don't like that term, but you know what I mean). Have been very impressed by the naturalness

of the tone with great improved bass extension. You would be interested to know that I run a full Nordost Frey cable loom at the moment and have inserted my new cable from my McIntosh pre to power - this has brought around the aforementioned improvements... 

Anyway, keep up the good work and thanks. 

Bill Malcolm"



August 2009: Latest comments from three more very satisfied customers:

"I purchased a pair of Ultimate Silver Dream interconnect cables recently and as I was looking for them to have the maximum effect and I have a complex system with an outboard  electronic cross-over I placed the pair between it and the pre-amp replacing KCAG. I had not intended to make any judgements until the cable had been thoroughly run in but one thing was immediately apparent I had to turn the volume down 2 notches  for the same record clearly more signal was getting transmitted....


In one fell swoop your cable with its amazing increase in clarity and information revealed the deficiencies of the current cabling.that had not been heard before. Clearly when funds permit I must replace the cable (KCAG and Nordost) between crossover and power amps


Thank you for producing such a wonderful cable but one that cruelly exposes the limitations of others and I look forward to being able to have the complete system so wired when I am convinced from what I have heard so far your cables will move the sound quality up to completely new level


L Camy"


"Hello Alister,

I have the cables in my system for a couple of days now and I guess you would like to know how they sound :-)

I hear clear improvements in 3 areas (but they are probably related to each other):

1) Bass is a lot tighter (faster). Before, the bass tended to be a bit bloomy.

2) Instruments and voices are much better placed/positioned. In the past they seem to be smeared around a bit in space but now you can really pinpoint where the instrument/voice is.

3) A lot more detail. I hear a lot more small details that were hard to notice in the past (reverberation, echos, fading of the instruments/vocals, etc., things that make the sound that more natural, can now clearly be heard).

Needless to say I'm very happy with the cables. I consider this a huge improvement of my system for a very modest price. Replacing a component in my system to have this big an improvement would cost me considerably more than the cables have cost me. Again, I'm a very happy customer :-)

Best regards,




"Hi Alister...

This morning the XLR terminated “Ultimate Silver Dream” cables were returned after having been sent off immediately for DCT treatment. Whilst they have only been in the system for a matter of hours, already the results are excellent; wider soundstage, more ‘space’ around the voices and both the top and bottom ends are now starting to smooth out and extend very nicely.

It is very early days, and the cables will need many many more hours to “burn in” properly, however, I am so impressed that I have just ordered another pair of your “Ultimate Silver Dream” cables with RCA connectors to replace a pair of Russ Andrews’ KCAG cables linked to my headphone amplifier. Thank you for not only meeting, but exceeding my high expectations. Keep up the good work... 

With best regards Leslie 

P.S. My Audio system comprises; DCS Verdi, Elgar, Purcell and Verona linked in to Bryston 7BSST mono block power amps feeding ATC SCM 50 speakers."

AND... More from Leslie (thank you Leslie!):

"Hi Alister,

After a lengthy listening session, some more “comments” regarding the XLR “Ultimate Silver Dream” cables:

It is now much easier to identify individual instruments, there is more ‘space’ around each instrument, there is more top end detail – without adding ‘tizz’ or fatigue, the midrange opens out extremely well, and the bass has become more extended yet remaining in proportion to the sound as a whole. In short an excellent value-for-money upgrade for my high end system. I look forward to adding more of your wonderful cables into my system to improve the sonic qualities even further. 

With best regards Leslie"

July 2009: New "Silver Dream" review: Matej Isak, editor and chief reviewer of that wonderful resource for audiophiles, , has reviewed our "Silver Dream" interconnects very favourably.

Matej was clearly impressed with our high performance-to-cost ratio...

"... fairly priced products with heart and devotion incorporated into them."

"Having a silver interconnect for 220eur (£189) seemed like a fantasy in the past."

"Artisan crafted cables helped restore that mesmerizing journey vividly and with few, or better to say no complaints for the given price."

"Artisan crafted some darn fine and affordable cables."

Full review here.

David Clark of the online hi-fi magazine Positive Feedback has just written some more on our "Silver Dream" interconnects (June 2009):

"I just can't get over how wonderful these cables are. They have none of the dreaded 'silver' glare and yet possess all the harmonic 'rightness' silver can bring to the table. These are simply amazingly good for so little cash."


Here's what Dave Clark of the online hi-fi magazine Positive Feedback had to say about our cables, during a recent review of Red Wine Audio's Isabellina DAC:

"Your choice of interconnect cables might also be an issue in that even Red Wine suggests one avoid "darker" cables with the Isabellina to avoid potential "sonic" issues. I tried several here and settled on some new ones from England—the Artisan Silver Cables. Yeah, adding a touch of silver to the mix made the Isabellina sing a slightly different tune—a tune that possessed a bit more light, more sparkle… a bit more more! Not that the other cables did not, no they worked quite well too, it was just that pairing the Isabellina with the $2500 Kubala-Sosna Emotions was not how I saw the DAC being used out in the real-world. The Artisan Silver Cables ... showed themselves to be a real-world beater …sweet, musical, and oh-so naturally… well, nice! Yeah, the Artisan Silver Cables are something that any serious music lover should put on a short list of cables to audition if price is an issue… as is attaining sheer musical enjoyment (I will have more on these wonderful cables soon)."

 Click here to read the full review.


The latest glowing customer comments (June 2009):

"Hi Alister,

Based on the subject header, I assume you know my reaction to the Artisan Silver Cables. They truly make my system sound wonderful. In comparison to my previous cables (Van den Hul D102 MkIII) the sound is much more open and detailed. When I was doing some comparisons, the Van den Hul seemed to "smear" some of the information whereas it was much better defined with the Artisan. One thing I was bit surprised with the silver cables was the bass information. It was much better defined than with the Van den Hul which seemed kind of bloated and boomy in comparison. I didn't think this (meaning bass) was a particular strength with silver cables. Apparently I was wrong. Vocals were also much clearer and the reverberation/echo of the recording room was equally enhanced as was the trailing off of notes, be it human voices or instruments.


All in all, I am extremely happy with my purchase of the Artisan Silver Cables...and this won't be my last purchase. In the near future I'll probably be purchasing a 1 metre length of Artisan Silver Cables (perhaps it might even be your new Ultimate Silver Dream) which will be going from my D/A converter to my amp (the current half metre lead is going from my SACD player to my amp).


Thanks for a such great product...

Bob Barnard"


"I run a tube gear, a Maxwell Audio custom design SE 300B 6w/ch, and preamp.  The silver dream interconnects are excellent cables.  In my system, all the improvements Artisan noted are present.  The extended highs are focus with air , the bass is tight, full and clear, and the voice is real with presence.  My system is reproducing remarkable music.


A Happy customer,





"Hi Alister, as promised, I’m writing to let you know that I’m extremely happy with the Artisan Silver Cables. I’ve been playing them for over 150 hours now and I must say that they are really awesome. It gives a very wide soundstage and boy, I’m beginning to hear notes from some symphonies that I didn’t know they were there. There is more space between instruments and this was so evident in pieces like  Mahler Symphony No. 4 and Moussorgsky’s Pictures at an Exhibition. I even got a friend over and conducted a blind test on him. He picked the Artisan Cables over my old pair of cables citing exactly the same reasons.

Just for your record, I hooked the Marantz SACD 15S2 player to my BelCanto Design 300i Integrated Amps, and the speakers are Usher 815E. The Artisan Cables replaced my 7-year old Synergistic Research Interconnects. They will remain in my system for a very long time. So that leads me to ask: When are you going to produce speaker cables?

Warmest regards, Ricky"





"Hi Alister 


I received my cable last friday and have been listning. And I must say that Your cable is a true bargain.


Comparing "Silver Dream" with the YTER cables in my system (Red Wine Audio + Podium Sound) is like opening a window on a sunny day. Your cable sound more open, sweet and natural in every area. No sharp edges at all. Pure music pleasure at it´s best. I´m not going to use YTER after this. I will sure tell my fellow danes about this fantastic cables. Your cables rock!!! 


Thank You so much for making such fine cables  :-)


Best regards



"I've had a chance to listen to your balanced cables on my system which consists of a Classe CDP 202 cd player, CP 500 pre-amp and CA 5200 power amp.  My overall impression is that that voices (particularly female) are clearer and more isolated in the space between the speakers (B&W 803Ds).  I've also noticed that individual instruments such as cymbals are more clearly defined - I expect that's what's called more "space" round individual instruments.  All in all a worthwhile improvement in the overall sound of my system.  As you advised they did take a while to break in but once that was completed switching back to the old cables clearly revealed how good your cables are. 

John Butler"


"I'm enjoying my new cables. I bought them for my new OPPO BDP 83 because I have to use the multi-channel analogue out (rather than the HDMI) and they work way better than anything I had on hand."

Roger Bridis

"...Only 11 hours continuous running and they are sounding amazingly good.

My brother came round who is also into hifi and we started listening to your interconnects.  I then did a blind test with him using Chord Chorus, KCAG and Artisan Silver interconnects.  He preferred your cables as did I.  We both currently use KCAG.

So I will shortly be placing orders for a 0.5m and another 1m cable."

Peter W

"...from what I've heard so far, your cables have to be one of the bargains of the century...

 I think I know roughly how much the materials you are using cost; in which case, I applaud you for keeping your mark-up so reasonable and you deserve to sell as many of these cables as you can make.
...with the performance being at such a high level there's also not much point buying exotica cable when any gains - if there are any - are going to be so subtle and only obvious on the highest resolution systems."

Chris Redmond (was reviewer on, now working for

"I purchased one set of cables. Upon hearing them, I ordered 3 more sets. They are excellent sounding cables. I have used silver cables for 5 years from other vendors - paying much more."

Audiogon user "Hondo" - see comment on Audiogon here


Comments from Matej Isak (editor of, on his Twitter page:

"Artisan Cables arrived from UK. Nice and effective!" (9:52PM March 29th)

"Artisan and balanced? Great! Waiting to connect my Burmester with them anytime soon. Some doubt in XLR balanced cabled. I'm fanatic bout it!" (12:54PM April 5th)

Matej's review of the Silver dream RCA interconnects here.

"Just tried the lead on my CD player and wow!! the difference is immediately obvious. You can here into the music more and stop listening to whats wrong and just enjoy the music - thanks!"

John R

"The search is over, I've tried various from QED, VDH, etc, but these are on another level."

Mike V

"Spent 100s messing about with expensive hi-end cables but never got it quite right - these just MAKE MUSIC! thanks guys."

Richard S

"I bought an Artisan cable to replace a QED Quenex One between my Meridian 506 CD player and Musical fidilty X-Cans V3, driving Sennheiser HD-650s. The sound was much more open yet smoother & more liquid. No downsides! Really good value for the improvement made. I was considering expensive mods for the X-Can - but now no need. Brilliant."

Dave H



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