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Feedback 2020

(newest first)



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December 2020

[Ultimate Digital Dream AES/EBU with Furutech flagship XLRs]


"Hi Alister 

you must have a wide smile on your face every time you send out a product.

Your cables and power cords are probably the best value for money items in hi-fi and you know you're going to get amazing feedback.

The 2 power cords from cold were amazing.... but ... the ultimate digital dream AES/EBU  cable is unbelievable. 

I placed it between my Ayre c5xmp CD player and Aqua Formula XHD Rev 2 dac and the detail coming through the Bowers and Wilkins 802 d3 speakers was amazing......... from cold 


I have never been amazed from cold.... with Russ Andrews ,Nordost and Chord and that’s from their high end cables

Just waiting for the NTH DEGREE cable to arrive but feel I must order another to complete the silver link right across my digital system

speak soon

thanks again




[Silver Hybrid 3 power cable x2]

"As you will see I have ordered the NTH DEGREE cables after receiving the power cables today

was really impressed with the build quality and as soon as I plugged them into my transport and dac well.... didn’t expect that much difference from cold

really impressed 

look forward to getting them burned in fully




[The Nth Degree flagship analogue interconnects]


"OK… fancy packaging or expensive advertising with this company instead you get truly great quality cables at a realistic price.

Very nice people to deal with and first class communication……and the "Ultimate Silver Dream" pure silver balanced interconnects with black Furutech XLR connectors connected via my Musical Fidelity M8-Xi  to Marantz SA-10 SACD player through big PMC EB1’s lived up to their name ….without going into the normal audiophile speak they were quite simply all around amazing and Jeff Beck (Truth) never sounded so good!.....highly recommended.




November 2020 


[Ultimate Silver Stream 2  USB cable]


"Good Morning Alister


I promised some feedback once my new USB cable had settled in, so after  a couple of weeks of break in and listening, here are my thoughts. 


I have always been a little sceptical of the claims made for data cables (and, having worked in engineering design for telecoms networking companies for the last 25 years, I struggle with the claims many make for ethernet cables) but have heard some very slight changes in presentation of music when changing one generic USB cable for another (usually due to siting/length requirements of the various components of my system). So,having recently settled on a Chord Hugo TT2 as my dac, I decided to give an "audiophile" USB cable chance to impress me.


Your product looked both well received and sensibly priced (within the audio market price spread), so I took a chance knowing I'd be able to return it if it provided no benefit.


Well, you're not getting it back😁


Swapping it in between NUC and DAC made an instant change and having let it run-in for a couple of days I gave it a good listen. I'd love to be able perform the analysis to uncover the mechanism that makes simply swapping a cable into an already well-sorted dac suddenly add a new level of organisation to the sound, improving instrument separation, presenting detail in a more resolved manner and generally allowing the dac to better deliver the recording.


So I'm sold. Thank you.


Come New Year, maybe an order for some xlr interconnects will drop into your Inbox.


Hope you and yours are fit and well in these challenging times and that you manage to have a great festive holiday.





[Silver Dream 2 headphone cable for Sennheiser] 


"Hi Alister

Great news thanks!


BTW your replacement headphone cable for my Sennheiser 565s has proved to be a fantastic upgrade on the Kimber cable I was using. As I’ve tweaked and upgraded stuff the cable has kept pace with that and sounds nearly as good as listening on my ‘speakers, such is the dynamic range.





[Silver Dream interconnects with Cardas SLVR Silver Signature RCAs]

"Hi Alister, 

Cables arrived as anticipated...

...They work wonders. Improved stereo , improved instrument positioning and depth, cleaner treble, nice layered detail with subtlety, slightly cleaner bass. Altogether more atmospheric. It's the subtle nuances, love it...


All the best

Vic Walsh"



July 2020 

[The Nth Degree flagship analogue interconnects]


"Hello Alister,


I received The Nth Degree cable from you just over a week ago. The first thing I have to tell you is that I am extremely pleased with my purchase.

I played music through the cable for about 100 hours before conducting any serious listening. I use it between my dCS Vivaldi ONE CD/SACD player and a custom-built headphone amplifier which uses 300B output valves. My headphone is the Focal Utopia. 

I can report that The Nth Degree is absolutely stunning after 3 nights of intensively listening. I listen mostly to classical music with a preference to choral and vocal works. Your cable delivers excellent transparency, with an open and extended top end. When called for by the recording, it yields rich, characterful midrange sound and deep, clearly-defined bass notes. Your cable sounds silky smooth and sweet all the time, while its impressive dynamics and neutrality allows me to be caught up in each performer’s engaging interpretation. I find myself completely involved emotionally with the music. I couldn’t have asked for more!

Your 1.5m cable replaces a 1m silver cable made by a well-known US manufacturer. The latter costs twice as much retail compared to your cable, even though it is shorter in length. (I need a longer cable having purchased a new equipment rack.) To my ears, the Nth Degree out performs my old cable in 2 key areas. While both are on par in terms of beautiful tonal quality and transparency, your cable is definitely more dynamic, and music sounds more alive and organic.

The other area your cable excels in is soundstage reproduction. With the Nth Degree, the soundstage of my Focal Utopia completely opens up. The effect is rather astonishing, and listening to large scale orchestral works becomes such a joyful experience.

To sum up, considering what the Nth degree can make a great sounding set up sound even more brilliant, its performance to cost ratio is without equal. You definitely have a winner here!

Thank you, Alister.

Very best wishes,

Peter Lee"



June 2020

["The Nth Degree" flagship analogue interconnects & Ultimate Digital Dream digital interconnect]


"Hi Alister,


Apologies for the not contacting you sooner, I’ve been through a rough spell.


The great news is that the Ultimate Digital Dream cable is working beautifully! I have it hooked up between the digital output of one of my synthesisers and the iFI micro iDSD Black Label and have been enjoying a good noodle around on the keyboard with great sound quality!


 I’m also making good progress on a review of the N’th Degree interconnects, comparing them with my other high end interconnect; Purist Audio Design’s Venustas Luminist Revision -at €2,200 for a 1m pair! Your cable may be a third of the price but are definitely on par. I’ve had them both connected to my CD player and turntable for long periods of time and am just getting ready to compare them back to back to define the differences.


One thing I can confirm is that they do indeed become directional with use: A few weeks ago while swapping the cables over I accidentally put one cable in the “wrong” way... The sound was so wrong that it was immediately apparent before I’d even got up off my knees where my ears were midway between the speakers, in line with the inside edges of the electrostatic panels! My first thought was “oh no, I must have just damaged the moving coil cartridge” (a Sumiko Blue Point Special EVO III which is a “naked” design - nothing protecting the ultra fine wires from coils to the back plate and terminals)! Then logic led me to check the only thing I knew I had changed and after changing the direction of the one N’the Degree cable I had put in differently to the way it always had been, suddenly the sound was “right” again! The difference was so great it genuinely shocked me.


But when they’re both in the correct orientation they sound amazing - really fast and dynamic, with great bass depth and punch, emotive vocals, clarity extending throughout the frequency spectrum and loads of air in the highs for all the glitter and sparkle any piece of music can contain but never too much; oodles of macro and micro detail, cymbal decay shimmer goes all the way out while imaging is rock solid on pitch black background in a soundstage so wide, deep and tall I have to close my eyes to ‘see’ its full extent - otherwise vision constricts it to within the bounds of the walls, floor and ceiling.


The Ultimate Silver Stream USB cable has clearly completed its burn-in now because I connected my iPhone to the DAC section of the Simaudio Moon Neo 260D playing from the Onkyo HF Player app (phone in Airplane mode; all wireless connectivity switched off) via an Apple CCK and there was very little difference between the iPhone playing red book material and actual CD’s! That was a bit of a shock too because the last time I had compared them (using the same latest generation Ultimate Silver Stream USB cable, the same iPhone XS Max sounded substantially inferior... Burn-in is so important; I notice all your analogue cables sound thin and harsh when brand new but 5-10 hours brings them nearly half way to their full potential, 50 hours to about 75%, 100 hours to about 90% with the last 10% taking a further 100-400 hours.


There’s more to come along these lines but I wanted to give you some feedback now as I’ve been promising it for a long time! I also wanted to give you an idea of how good your cables sound in my system and why I keep coming back for more, even when it’s something you don’t normally make! Many different cables have had their chance in my steadily evolving system but none have had the same level of success, assuring me that any Artisan Silver cable will result in dramatic improvements and no shortcomings compared with cables of a similar price to double or more. This is why I appreciate your products so much as well as your willingness to make one-off cables as long as you can source the components.


Knowing that any type of silver cable I buy from you will sound amazing is something priceless which I’ve never found from any other company in 20+ years of serious cable experimentation. Being unable to go to hi-fi shops to have a good listen to anything audiophile due to disability makes the knowledge that I can always rely on your products so much more precious. Now that I have had to test the repair / replacement aspect of your customer service I couldn’t be happier with everything a customer could want or need from Artisan Silver Cables. You probably still don’t realise just how much you’ve improved my quality of life and peace of mind. That’s partly why it’s taking me so long to give you feedback on all the products I’ve bought from you - I want to get them just right whilst explaining their importance to me. Not only does it take time (something I have plenty of) and energy (something I have a serious lack of) but also because I find it intimidating trying to find words capable of expressing just how valuable your products and customer service are to me. I think I’m starting to repeat myself so I’ll end here with a big, heartfelt Thank You.


I hope business is going well and you’re in good health.


Very best regards,




[Ultimate Silver Dream analogue interconnects] 


"Hi Alister,


I promised to give you some feedback on my recent purchase.


I burned the cables in for around 50 hours on my tuner without serious listening and then connected to my Chord Qutest DAC. The Ultimate Silver Dreams replaced Van Den Hul The First Ultimate cables, which have seen off a number of more expensive ICs over the years. 


I must admit that for a few hours after putting the USDs in I was not blown away.

The sound was detailed and smooth but I'd expected more magic. Then, listening to Massive Attack's Blue Lines, I suddenly realised that I'd never heard what is one of my favourite albums sound so good. Everything was better but what stood out was the gorgeous flow of the music. 


So now I'm hooked. I'm running a pre and power amp set up and would imagine putting a USD in there would provide a further dose of magic? I assume the USDs work as well in balanced configuration? I will definitely therefore make another purchase from you in the near future...







April 2020

[The Nth Degree flagship pure silver analogue interconnects

(already using Ultimate Silver Stream 2 USB & Silver Dream 2 headphone cable)]


"Hi Alister,

Thanks, the cables arrived safely last Tuesday. So much for me saying I wouldn't be able to devote enough time in a month to listen for 50 hours. I've already clocked up 25+ in less than a week! The cables are that good.


It only took the time it takes for my amplifier tubes to warm up to know that you wouldn't be getting these cables back. Sorry, Alister!


 I wouldn't describe myself as the most critical/discerning listener but the differences I've been hearing through my headphones have been huge. The cables I was previously using were very well reviewed copper interconnects, so this has been even more of a surprise.


Some observations on the sound:


With the Nth Degree in place, it means I now have an all silver signal path for my headphones based system. An initial impression was the Nth Degrees removed a further layer of brightness/harshness from the sound that I hadn't even realised was still present.


There have been improvements to the entire sound. Bass is now tauter, more powerful and extended, but without overpowering the rest of the sound. Midrange is superbly detailed and transparent. Treble is sweet and natural. There is now plenty of reverb and note decay bouncing around in my headphones. The cables also seem to inject a sense of pace and attack into the sound. It's as if every strand of the music has been grabbed by the scruff of it's neck and presented in perfect order at the right speed. In short, everything sounds extremely detailed and natural...real.


With the Nth Degrees added, the soundstage through my headphones has again expanded. It now seems to sit directly in front of me and wraps round to the sides. It puts me right in the centre of everything going on and gives a very immersive listening experience. 


Adding these cables really has been the icing on the cake.


Thanks for another fine product  Alister.


Please feel free to use as much of the above as you wish for your webpage.


All the best



March 2020

[Ultimate Silver Dream interconnects, from Steven A.]

"Hello there.

I have used the Ultimate Silver Dream interconnect for a little while now. I use it on my new Cambridge Audio 851 streamer connecting it to a Naim 282 preamp.

I can say as it burns in you can hear the improvement in all aspects of the sound.

For some years I have been using a Kimber KCAG on my Naim CDX2 CD player. That half metre interconnect cost me £240 in 2003. I needed a meter length this time and that would now cost £1200!

As an experiment I switch the Ultimate Silver Dream for the KCAG on my CD player. I can safely say that the Artisan cable gives a clearer sound than the Kimber cable. Notes sound sweeter and airier.

What a great buy this cable has been. It's not that the Kimber is bad, it's the Artisan is better." 


[Ultimate Silver Stream 2 USB cable]

"Hi Alister,

Thought I'd give you some feedback now the cable has had sufficient burn in.


The amount of detail, both large and small, retrieved by the cable is very impressive. On virtually everything played I'm picking out details unheard before. Even in music listened to for many years. 


Music is presented in a rich, smooth and fluid manner. Any harsh digital edge has been removed and replaced by a much smoother analogue sound. This has made a particular difference to the 1960s - 80s CD music ripped to my laptop. It's now much more listenable! 


I previously purchased your headphone upgrade cable which lead to the soundstage expanding. Adding the USB cable has improved this even further. Vocals and instruments are reproduced on a wide and deep soundstage, all clearly defined in their own space.


Thanks for another great product Alister.


Looks like I'll have to start saving for a USD or Nth Degree interconnect to complete the picture.


Kind regards



[Silver Hybrid 3 mains power cable]



It’s been a bit since I plugged the Silver Hybrid 3 Power cable into the Rogue Stereo 90 Super Magnum, and thought I’d share my findings. 

-Right off, I noticed more information and bloom to the instruments; then how tighter and fuller the bass was, so I decided to turn the subs up……. just a notch, I now have a “GROWL!”  and I’m addicted!  As time went by, I noticed, when listening to my choice music, there is better perceived timing and pace….it is hard to get up and do anything……but when I do, I want to “boogie.”  I’m getting more exercise now….heheheh…a power cord giving me so much pleasure. Also, I love how pliable it is, very much more than a “box” power cord for an amplifier!

Wishing you the Best,


January 2020

[More from Steve - Ultimate WBT interconnects]

"...WOW; I never thought silver cables could sound SO GOOD with solid state equipment;

I thought it would be too glaring; bright, over detailed......None of that! 

It's smooth, articulate, macro and micro details are all there, with all their three dimensional glory; and bass has its full "impact"!  My WBT USD's are not even broken in yet.

Thank you and your Artisan mission,



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