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Silver Hybrid 3+ 

power cable

May 2023: 


For all of those who've been asking and patiently waiting for this,

we're very happy to announce the return of The Silver Hybrid 3 power cable

to our range.

Now with enhanced shielding - hence it will now be known as

the Silver Hybrid 3+

It's available with UK, European or US plugs



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Sliver Hybrid 3+ uses silver-plated copper conductors insulated in low loss silicone rubber. These are twisted and comprehensively shielded against RFI and EMI and covered with a vibration-reducing black braid. 


So we use silver-plated conductors because we take the view that if the music itself is not being transmitted by the cable, the requirements are a little different:

In a power cable, comprehensive shielding is the perhaps the biggest factor affecting the sound achieved - this stops interference from outside of the cable

dirtying-up the power being fed to your hifi gear.

Also it stops the cable radiating interference which might otherwise be picked up by your signal cables and other hi-fi components, causing distortion. 

Also, as you know, our stated philosophy is "maximum sound per pound": 

pure silver is a softer material and you need a lot of it to make it strong and safe enough to safely carry the high ampages which can be present in power cable applications.

This would make the cables prohibitively expensive for little gain. 






So the silver-plated conductors are comprehensively shielded, then terminated with very high quality plugs: 

All versions use the exquisite Oyaide C-037 IEC connectors from Japan at the equipment end. 

At the wall end, the European and US versions are terminated with Oyaide P-037e and Oyaide P-037, respectively.

Oyaide don't make a UK 3-pins plug, so for the UK version we use a high quality plug with silver-plated pins for a superior low-loss contact. 





Of course, safety is paramount with power cables and for this reason, all of our mains cables are hand-made for us in England by a very experienced separate specialist contractor. 



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Order your Silver Hybrid 3+ power cable here:


[Research done a few years ago established that the effect of power cables

is length-dependent.

Extensive listening tests have established that 1.7 metres is the optimum length, therefore all of our mains cables are 1.7 metres.

(Why this should be the case is still unknown, but the ears don't lie!)] 


Please choose from UK, European or US style mains plugs

from the drop-down list below: 



Silver Cables - Full Range


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