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That We Love


The love of hi-fi is driven by the love of music.


The purpose of a good hi-fi system should always be to enhance the experience of listening to music and to make as much of it enjoyable as possible.

If it doesn't do that, there is something about the hi-fi system that needs changing!


This will be an eclectic & ever-evolving playlist of some of our favourite recordings - chosen both for musical interest & sound quality.


Enjoy the music!

To view the playlist direct from YouTube (which sounds even better for some reason) click "Watch on YouTube" in the bottom-left corner of the video screen, 


Hate YouTube ads? Use Google Chrome browser and install the free add-on called

uBlock Origin. It's brilliant - say goodbye to all YouTube ads! :-)

Note, we are now recommending Google Chrome instead of Firefox because it seems to sound better on YouTube (seems mad I know but yes, really!)

For best sound quality, remember to click the little cog icon at the bottom-right of the YouTube window and choose the highest available quality setting that your computer & internet connection can handle for each video.


[BTW: Of course we do understand that the process of uploading stuff to YouTube adds digital compression, but somehow the quality of well-recorded stuff pushes through anyway. 

We maintain that carefully uploaded digital on YouTube is very much a credible hi-fi source.



Links to a couple more succulent treats for you that are not on YouTube below: 

A lovely "you-are-there"-style recording called "Teasero", played live on two acoustic guitars by a duo calling themselves Pablo Vasquez

If you like this track, you can download a free high quality WAV file - which sounds even better - at




Nils Frahm's album "Solo": 

The album consists of Nils playing the largest upright piano in the world at the time - the amazing Klavins M370.

(Since then, Klavins have replaced it with the even larger Model 450i)


"Recorded on the Klavins M370 in 2014 as an improvisation single take without any overdubs. The 370 is situated in Tübingen / Germany, 1.8 tons in weight, 3.7 meters high, its longest strings are about 10 feet in length."

The recording is made with a combination of mics / pick-ups, some of which are right inside this remarkable instrument. The resulting massive range of colour, deep bass (!), textures, piano string sounds etc results in a piano recording like you've never heard before. 

You can download the entire album free from his website in 24 bit, 96khz .wav files (which is extremely generous of him!).

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