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Feedback 2016

(newest first): 


December 2016

[Ultimate Digital Dream digital interconnect]

"Dear Alister,
I received this cable from you a couple of months or more ago and have been running it in off and on since then.
I've held off from going into "print" since it's all too easy to come to a quick conclusion and then find two or three months down the line that you've only heard 50% of what this cable has to give, it is still evolving.
To say I'm pleased would be a gross understatement - I'm delighted - your cable coupled to my existing but upgraded electronics has, now all these parys are run in, transformed my CD listening.
I won't list all the improvements but refer you to Chris Ward's 2014 review in Hi Fi Choice of the equivalent  analogue interconnects and say how right he was.
I listen to a wide range of music  CD from across all genres classical, R&B, popular and rock, I'm especially fond of choral and solo voice and I can now experience all this as real "performances" rather than recordings.
Many thanks, I'll be back for more.
Geoffrey Little"

November 2016

[Silver Dream Mark II headphone upgrade cable, to fit Audeze]

"Hello Alister!

Yesterday I took the parcel with mail - all came in the best way. Yesterday i tested the cable. All expectations-the sound is excellent on any material. Electronics, classical, jazz-playing all. High frequencies have become more transparent, bass is sufficient.Just realized that the LCD-2 is high-end headphones.
Thanks for a quality product! I would think about interblock in a larger system.


Best regards,


August 2016

[Ultimate Silver Dream interconnects, with Cardas SLVR Silver Signature RCAs]


"Hi Alister, 


The cable's burnt in now, it did indeed take as long as you said, but was also good listening to it evolve. It started fantastic and just got better and better! 


The results are amazing. Unprecedented levels of detail, yet uncoloured and the bass is so controlled and tight. It's brought my new speakers even more to life. The cable really is something special indeed! 





June 2016

["Ultimate Silver Dream" interconnects, with Cardas RCAs]

"Hello Allister,

The missing link, or should I say: "the missing interlink" ?  A system is as weak as its weakest component. In my case this must have been the interlinks. By using the silver interlinks my whole sound got better. There's more details and more clarity.


 Although I never believed that interlinks could make that much of a difference, there's no way I can deny the improvement it brought to my system now. This appeared to be a good investment!


Thanks & best regards from Holland,



April 2016

["Ultimate Silver Vision" HDMI cable]

"The HDMI cable is 5 stars, truthfully it is dependant upon the source.  It made a youview box simply stunning. 

Saving up to invest in more cables."






["Silver Dream" interconnects]

"Hi Alister,

I picked up the cables on Saturday. I run them from the phono stage to the preamp. The sound is already very pleasing.

Their simple aesthetics are spot on too.

Nice work!

Best regards, Mark."




March 2016

[Customer review of our flagship "Nth Degree" interconnects, with Furutech RCAs]

"I dread to think what you would need to spend on an alternative cable to even come close to this audio supremacy!!" Read Tom's full review here.






[Ultimate Silver Dream RCA interconnects]

"Compared with my Atlas Voyager RCA between Metrum Pavane DAC and Bel Canto Pre it has kept the smooth sound but extended the frequencies - v happy.







[USD interconnects; Digital Dream digital interconnect; Silver Dream Mark 2 Audeze headphone upgrade cable]

"Hello! I bought these products: Pair of "Ultimate Silver Dream" pure silver interconnects with standard RCA plugs, Digital Dream pure silver digital interconnect cable, "Silver Dream Mark 2" pure silver headphone upgrade cable (LCD-2).

Your products changed my attitude to listening to music through headphones. Total immersion in the sound. Transparency and clarity of sound. What I was looking for so long. Many thanks!!! Dmitri"




[Silver Hybrid 2 power cable & Ultimate Silver Dream interconnects]

"Putting the silver hybrid power cable on the DAC was an unmitigated success, even though this DAC is designed to be unsensitive to the power supply. We get softness, richer timbres, depth of field...

...Also I said before I was on the fence re: the IC, but this was based on tests with a smaller system than my usual and non-rigorous comparisons. Putting it back in the ICOS system and comparing to the Charlin I liked (and that got a Diapason d'Or), yours was more natural and precise."






[Ultimate WBT interconnects]

"Hi Alister

Cables arrived and installed. They sound great already.

They sound pretty much as you describe on the website.

Very coherent sound from top to bottom, they really do seem to allow one to hear more detail, especially at higher frequencies.

One thing I find is that even when turned up too loud , the music is still enjoyable . This was not the case with my solid copper screened cables.

I look forward to them burning in more.

Many thanks







["Nth Degree" interconnects, with Furutech RCAs]

"Hi Alister

Just like to say thanks for the cables, my system has been transformed!

I will order some more from you in the future when Ive got the funds.

Best Regards

Richard Hooper"




February 2016

[Ultimate Silver Dream XLR interconnects]

"Thanks Alister. Just out of the package, not burned yet and already detailing BB King in a manner that I was not at all expecting. At the same time, the fullness of each guitar note from Sultans of Swing brought the stadium stage to the room! Best wishes."



January 2016

A really lovely bit of feedback to start the year with a bang! - Thanks John: 

[Ultimate Silver Dream interconnects]

"Hello Alistair

All i can say is after putting Ultimate Silver Dream in my system has made my next massive upgrade a very simple one.

If the Ultimate Silver Dream can let that much beauty through, then it's now very easy to say please get ready to make my Nth Degree 2metre balanced please. 


If anyone wants to know how good these are at letting the music through, they are more than welcome to contact me.

I have not experienced this level of musicality in 35 years of trying. They have made my MSB Diamond V  DAC system with active ATC SCM20-2s simply fill my room with the biggest, most natural musical sound stage i just never knew was waiting to come out.

After hearing the Ultimate Silver Dream in my system is if it does it for me theres a massive chance it will do it for you.

Forget the 1000s of pounds of different cables; look no further .

My advice to anyone passionate about the reproduction of music in the home is spend as much as you can on your equipment, get a decent rack, then contact Artisan for a full cable loom.

I've managed the rack and equipment part; now starts the cable section, which is a no-brainer: Artisan Silver Cables.

I'm off to order the Nth Degree, because if it's an improvement on the Ultimate Silver Dream, I'm going to be in audio heaven forever.

Cheers Alistair ...

...Best wishes,





Yet more fantastic feedback from John! (This  could start going to our heads...:-)) 

John rather neatly & insightfully sums up the situation in the high-end silver cables market in the 4th paragraph:

"Hi Alistair thanks for replying over the holidays . I can't wait to get the Nth Degree - not that I'm unhappy with the Ultimate Silver Dream - just if the Nth Degree is an improvement I can't wait to run it in and start listening.


I was considering a three thousand pound upgrade for a sub woofer as I felt my system was lacking in soundstage size and lower bass notes. The Ultimate Silver Dream has to a great degree questioned my need for the sub.


Also i had plans to buy blind from America the next generation of the so called "best cables in the world" for all systems for many thousands of pounds - and it doesn't stop at cables: they advertise magic room treatments and all sorts of magic products that work together to improve the one you just bought; then they bring out one that improves that, then the even better new one that improves that one.


Point being of course if a manufacturer can improve his reference products we are very glad and of course we want the best we can afford, but there's some companies milking the life out of the high end audio society in the sums of thousands of pounds for just so called magic cables.

It's great to know there are people like you passionate enough to build world-class products, using only the very best materials at real-life prices to get your very best products that actually without all the nonsense do the job to the highest standard I've ever come across in 35 years.


Your cables brought an improvement to my system  like my last CD player upgrade which was  10s of thousands of pounds - all for under 400 pounds.

The top cable in your range for me is under 1000 pounds, but that has now made my very expensive purchase of the MSB player very worth while because now I can enjoy it for many years to come.


Thank you so much I shall let all my friends into the Artisan world so they can then hear their audio  components how they were designed to sound.


Thank you Alistair

Best wishes John

PS - I now know why Nick sold his Valhalla I'm glad I never fell for that one" 





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