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Why our cables sound better:
Our Philosophy

Creating New Musical Dimensions

for you & your hi-fi system

whilst providing maximum "sound-per-Pound".


Our philosophy is purist in nature.


We make interconnects of pure solid slow-drawn silver because we believe it is the best material to make them out of. We just make the best possible cable we can, using the best materials and configuration we can, without the usual stratospheric prices.


Don’t let cable companies bamboozle you with hocus-pocus and overcomplicated cables – the fact is that the three most important elements in determining the sound quality of any properly designed cable are the material that its conductors are made of, the choice of material surrounding the conductors (known as the "dielectric"); and the configuration of the cable (in our case a 4-way, or 8-way twisted braid). Silver is the world’s most conductive metal and allows the sound to travel through pure and unadulterated.


The 4-way braided configuration (8-way on the Ultimate versions) neatly offers a natural way of reducing noise – no need for expensive over-complicated shielding solutions with too many different materials in one cable. That kind of hotchpotch of materials leads to muddled, confused sound. The pure and simple approach removes the usual smudging and time-smearing that you’ve become used to, avoiding a myriad of music-destroying sonic evils and leaving you with a sound that’s pure, focused and surprisingly sweet.


This simplicity of construction leads to the money being spent where it matters most: on the pure silver conductors, fine Teflon® insulation and very high quality heavily silver-plated RCA phono connectors. A lot of care and attention goes into assembling your cables – like all the very finest things, they are fastidiously hand-built by artisans – hence the name Artisan Silver Cables.


It's David versus Goliath! Our tiny company is taking on the big boys and winning, with products that out-class the competition, but for less money.

Without the massive overheads and complicated distribution chains of larger companies, we can pass on those cost savings to you – hence our ability to offer pure silver interconnects at such a reasonable price, compared to the big boys.









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