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Feedback 2015

(newest first):


December 2015

[Ultimate Silver Dream XLR interconnects]

"Just to let you know I am really enjoying the sets of XLR interconnects feeding my active speakers. Big difference. I even put the old Audioquest Columbia back in (and they weren't cheap) and couldn't listen to it after your cables. Keep up the good work...




[Ultimate Silver Stream USB cable]

"Hi Alister,
It has been longer then I expected to get back to you with some comments about the Ultimate Silver Stream USB but here goes:

I have already become used to Artisan Ultimate Digital Dream coaxial digital cables elsewhere in my system. These are incomparably good and I looked forward to see what their USB equivalent would bring. Simply, all of the fabulous characteristics of my other Ultimate Digital Dream cables were correct and in place. That feeling of being present with real musicians involved in creating the music is intact. As is the unforced quality of the reproduction with the tiniest detail clear to hear yet never exaggerated in any sense. There is a natural and extended frequency balance with blistering dynamics; an open and correctly scaled soundstage. No downsides at all.

Frankly this cable has changed my concept of PC audio from one mainly concerned with future proofing to becoming my  main listening source. Where previously the PC sound was close to, but clearly second to, that from my (expensive) transport , the insertion of the Ultimate Silver Stream cable has reversed the ranking.

Just to mention that this is with the cable fully burned in. Users should be sure to follow the instructions that accompany the product. It will probably sound good straight out of the package but just wait to hear what happens later!

I am now considering my next Artisan purchase for 2016.

Best Wishes



September 2015

[Ultimate Silver Stream "Double Purity Edition" USB Cable]

"I definitely want another double purity USB cable, probably really rocks my world.




August 2015

[Ultimate Silver Stream "Double Purity Edition" USB Cable]

"Hi Alister,


Just a quickie to let you know your beautiful cable has arrived, and the sound transformation is amazing! It's being employed in my headphone rig, connecting my PC to my Resonessence Concerto HP. Even straight out of the packet, the sound is incredibly clear, precise, and more 3 dimensional then I've ever heard in my Audeze LCD2's - or should that be "outside them"! Wow!

I must go now but I'll be back in touch in a few days once it has burned in. But for now, a big thank you!







[Ultimate Silver Stream "Double Purity Edition" USB cable]

"Hi Alister,

I Just arrived to Germany for my pilgrimage to the Wagner festival in Bayreuth, but as promised an update on fully broken in cables and servers.

In a word: Awesome. I unplugged the power filter from PSAudio I had feeding the server. It improved things by a margin.

Besides the richness of detail, the flow of music, the stereo imaging including depth, there was a richness of timbres and voices that might have been on par with my best hifi experiences ever (some of which you won't be surprised to learn came from systems entirely wired with silver, including internally). Leaving the room, even for my holidays, just made me sad.

So at least as far as usb is concerned, I know yours is the cable I need...

...Best regards, and congratulations on the cable again,





[Ultimate Silver Dream interconnects, with XLRs]

"Hi Alister

Received the Ultimate Silver Dreams, thank you. Fantastic upgrade, I am hearing detail I haven't heard before on albums I have been listening to for 40 years.

Thanks again, Stuart"



July 2015

[Ultimate Silver Dream interconnects]

"Hi Alister,
Here is my review after some listenings.

I have replaced my previous Wireworld Oasis 6 (good interconnect cables reviewed by "What hifi" with 5 stars) with your Ultimate Silver Dream signal cables following the great reviews.

I noticed a significant increase in detail especially in the high frequencies. The sound is returned in a very natural way. Cymbals now have a real sound of cymbals...

After setting the cables, I have played my best known CDs to compare the sound resulting from your cables and my previous ones and with my surprise I have found details that i have never heard before:  in  Frank Zappa "the grand wazoo" (I like this album due to orchestral sides),  I have clearly heard for the first time the sound of the rhythm guitar among the horns and overall a remarkable clarity and separation of the instruments.
Then I played King Crimson (with John Wetton on bass and Bill Bruford on drums) to test the low frequencies and the result was simply WOW.

I have also tested some CDs, in my opinion not very well recorded with a sound a little bit dark (e.g. Trespass by Genesis) and the sense of muffled sound was mitigated by a more natural sound.
Playing Eddie Vedder's "into the wild" I have clearly identified the plucking of the plectrum on the guitar strings....

I could go ahead with other examples to describe the excellence of the Ultimate Silver Dream, but I prefer to stop here recommending these cables to everybody who wants a significant upgrade without spending a huge amount of money.
best regards



June 2015

[Ultimate Silver Dream XLR interconnects]

"Hi Alister
If you remember I inquired about a px on my USD XLR for the Nth Degree so I'm preparing to pack them but thought I'll just try them in my main system in place of my Valhallas between CDP & pre...holy shit!!! These are giant killers or as good as! Wow! I listen to very complex music & these performed with ease. They are a paradox in that they are very smooth but a very sweet...a definite marathon listening session cable!

I'm thinking how can the Nth Degree improve on this...?!!
I now have a buyer for my Valhallas!!

There was an American math-rock band who existed for a brief period during the early 90s (who I really like) & they have a song called Spindrift. Within that song is a lyric I dedicate to you- "You are a genius, a f***ing genius"!

Anyway if there was any doubt whether to px the USD for the Nth Degree it has been eradicated!

Best regards



April 2015

[Silver Dream Mark 2 headphone cable]

"Dear Alister

I received my cable a short while ago. I have delayed replying to you to give me a chance to listen to my favorite music with the new cable installed.


I am very pleased with my purchase. My music is mainly jazz and vocals played through a valve headphone amp. The sound is simply stunning. In my opinion, there is greater detail and separation in the music when compared to the stock cable.

As far as I am concerned it is worth every penny (or cent) and I would not hesitate to buy other cables from you should the need arise in the future.


Thank you for making this cable for me.




John Finlay"



March 2015

[Silver Dream Mark 2 headphone cable]

"Hello Alister
I have been a hi-fi enthusiast for the about 25 years now. I have not been one of those who spend all of their money on this hobby, but I have changed CD players, loudspeakers, amps and cables regular. I experienced early the importance of cables. I have changes a lot of cables, ending up with cables like Crystal Cable Ultra and other cables in that register. Real Hi-End cables. I also had a very good headphone cable for my AKG K812 (doublehelixcable). A cable I was very happy with. I was very unsure if should go for you silver cable. But I did.

To be short. I have never experienced a product that has changed my system in the way this cable did: -Everything became black. - The bass became powerful and dynamic in a way I never thought this headphones were capable to deliver. It felt that someone had added a subwoofer into them. At the same time I got details I never had heard before, and that the roof had been lifted up. Suddenly I could hear the violinist breathe in one of Antonio Vivaldi's concerts! I have no more to say. This cable fits my AKG K812 perfect and is just incredible!!!...


Best regards

F.R. Elvik




February 2015

[Ultimate Silver Dream Speaker Cables]

"Hi Alistair

Those speaker cables are amazing...






[Ultimate Silver Dream XLR interconnects]

"Hello Alister

I thought I would wait a few months before giving some feedback on your cables. They are quite simply SUPERB and have more than met my expectations. They provide a smooth, spacious and detailed sound which I have been searching for. I have the cable between my Copland CDA 823 cd player and Unison Research Secondo amplifier. Speakers are Totem Arros fed by Kimber 4VS cable. I plan to purchase more cables from you when funds allow to improve my turntable side (Thorens TD2030).

Thanks again for a brilliant product and I wish you continued success for 2015.






["Nth Degree" XLR interconnects]

"Hi Alister,

I promised to let you know how I feel about my new The Nth Degree XLR balanced analogue interconnects. I have now been listening to them for a couple of months and I am glad to tell you that I am very happy with my purchase. The cables look very neat and well made and they are easy to handle. The top-notch Furutech XLR connectors are by far the best I've ever used. Soundwise I have very little to say because I feel that I am not listening to cables but to music. I feel no limitations made by the interconnects, music seems to flow freely and with lots of air. Everything sounds just so effortless. I have also tested another (more expensive) pair of balanced silver interconnects from another company but I was not as happy with the outcome. The Nth Degree balanced interconnects have definitely improved my system and it sounds now better than ever before. Thank you for that.




January 2015

[Custom 3.5mm "Silver Dream" stereo extension cable]

"Hi Alister 

The quality is simply outstanding, that cable has resurrected an old pair of Bose on-ear headphones...

...A good introduction to your cables." 

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