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Why our cables sound better:
What you'll hear

Inserting our "Silver Dream" interconnects into a high-quality hi-fi system, you can expect the following effects.  


These cables allow deeper insight into the textures of the critical mid-range, leading to improved intelligibility of vocals, greater resolution of acoustic spaces around the instruments, more real-sounding instrumental timbres, etc. It’s not only beneficial on acoustic instruments – it also gives greater insight into studio techniques, the timbres of synthesisers and guitars etc.


Nuance and emotion in vocal and instrumental performances come to the fore.

Like a good well-sorted tube amp, pure silver braided cables seem to have winning ways with vocals. You’ll notice improvements to the easy singing, soaring quality of vocals.


This is not achieved by adding false warmth – on the contrary the cables are neither over-warm, nor cool sounding – they have a fantastically even-handed tonal balance, which leads to them showing improvements on all types of music.

Bass is extended, powerful and fast, but without artificial bloat or lumpiness. Mid-range is clear, musical and perfectly balanced. Totally even-handed mid-range equals vocals and acoustic instruments that sound less "electronic" and more like reality. Treble extends all the way up effortlessly and exhibits natural sparkle, but is also very smooth and even, with no nasty peaks.


Lumpy bass and fuzzy smearing effects commonly introduced by conventionally constructed shielded cables with complicated combinations of materials are banished and replaced by a sweet unforced natural focussed clarity. It creeps up on you slowly, but once you’ve got used to it, you’ll never want to go back to the low-materials-cost world of mass-produced cables! 


Give them 48 hours of use to burn in fully and give yourself time relax into the differences. Notice that there is now a much wider range of recordings that you can stand to listen to on your system.


When you have heard the improvements that can be made with the source to amplification interface, you’ll want to try them out between your pre-amp and power amp stages and indeed anywhere else in your system that interconnect cables are used!

With neutral cables such as these, the benefits are cumulative and a system wired with these cables right through will show further increases in purity, smoothness, resolution and naturally composed, tidy, musical sound.




As you go up the range, the basic qualities remain, but are built-on further:

Next up in the range: Ultimate Silver Dream has twice as many individually insulated pure silver conductors, giving greater fullness and welly in the bass - combined with even greater transparency.


Ultimate WBT adds extremely high quality WBT plugs - giving enhanced tonal purity, sweetness and even deeper insights into recordings.


Finally, the new flagship "The Nth Degree" is the best analogue interconnect we know how to make - and we believe it will compete with the very best cables in the world...




Here's what Dave Clark of the online hi-fi magazine Positive Feedback had to say about our cables, during a recent review of Red Wine Audio's Isabellina DAC:


"Your choice of interconnect cables might also be an issue in that even Red Wine suggests one avoid "darker" cables with the Isabellina to avoid potential "sonic" issues.


I tried several here and settled on some new ones from England—the Artisan Silver Cables. Yeah, adding a touch of silver to the mix made the Isabellina sing a slightly different tune—a tune that possessed a bit more light, more sparkle… a bit more more! Not that the other cables did not, no they worked quite well too, it was just that pairing the Isabellina with the $2500 Kubala-Sosna Emotions was not how I saw the DAC being used out in the real-world.


The Artisan Silver Cables ... showed themselves to be a real-world beater …sweet, musical, and oh-so naturally… well, nice! Yeah, the Artisan Silver Cables are something that any serious music lover should put on a short list of cables to audition if price is an issue… as is attaining sheer musical enjoyment (I will have more on these wonderful cables soon)." 


Silver Cables - Full Range




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