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Feedback 2013

(newest first):


November 2013

[Ultimate Silver Stream "Double Purity" USB cable]

received the cable and am delighted: the increase in dimensions and precision on positions of individual instruments in orchestral works along with a significant decrease in hash and noise floor compared to the single cable are remarkable. I had so far tried to isolate the USB power line by an Acqox USB power supply but I guess nothing beats being able to decamp the issue alltogether by simply pulling the plug after booting the computer!

How a major connection such as USB can be so compromised for audiophiles is hard to explain, but this is the right remedy above and beyond all the Acqoxes, ifis and other kludges of this world: blissful transparency and superfast attack, no stringency in the treble and plenty of clarity and wallop in the bass.

Many thanks and all the best

P.S. just as a reminder: 2010 mach2music Mini running Snow Leopard on Puremusic into Antelope Zodiac Gold + Voltikus connected to Wavac EC300B and Duevel Bella Luna speakers.
All connections Artisansilvercables except for speaker cables from Auditorium23.

All the best

Norbert Reis"


October 2013

[Silver Dream Mark 2 headphone upgrade cable]

"Hello Alister,
I'm sorry for not getting back to you sooner! The cable arrived much quicker than expected which was a lovely surprise.

I've only been able to run it for the past couple of nights, but I'm very impressed with what I'm hearing so far.

 I'm pleased with the build quality - it definitely feels like it's been made to last, which was one of the main reasons for my initial investment (the standard Sennheiser cables were so fragile I was becoming suspicious!).

Having experienced an improvement in quality in my HD650's after a week or so of breaking them in (whether real of imagined), I'm prepared that my opinion of this silver cable may even improve over time!! As it stands, I'm very satisfied.
Thanks a lot for your great work and excellent service,


September 2013

[Ultimate Silver Dream Speaker cables]

"Hello Alister

After 50 hours or so, the USD speaker cables have settled, it seems, and whatever tiny grain/harshness was there at the upper end of the frequency range is gone. Now everything just sings.

It does so differently, depending on the system. That is to say, the USDs are not 'correcting' the system, but enhance/reveal whatever is there. Plug them into Naim's UnitiQute and you get the familiar muscular, rhythmic presentation, with blooming, superbly controlled bass. (In fact, that was the biggest surprise for me personally: how well the bass was handled. Neither my previous Nordost Red Dawns, nor nothing-special-but-decent Audioquest copper cables could do that. With Eclipse TD510mk2s rated at just 42Hz(-10dB) I was thinking of turning off the sub altogether, but eventually settled with lowering both the rolloff frequency and volume significantly.) Switch to battery-powered Altmann's BYOB amp and Attraction DAC in combo with Eclipse TD508mk3s in a near-field set-up, and you get an airy, delicate and detailed sound-stage which is as close to holographic as possible...
Importantly, all the above holds true with any kind of music, as long as it is well recorded. From The Clash and Joy Division to the usual ECM suspects or Chesky Records, it just all sounds great. (My personal favourite at the moment is Radiohead's Reckoner, where what often ends up as a jumble of sticks, cymbals and variously timed reverbs on the numerous layers of Yorke's voice, all barely held together by the guitar riff, now sounds like a single coherent whole.)

So, thanks again and thanks a lot! (Even though it now looks like I will be ordering another pair, to keep both systems ultimately silver-dreamed.)





[Ultimate Silver Dream interconnects]

"Hi Alister

USD interconnects sound superb and let the music ebb and flow very naturally. Not cheap but well worth the money.  Had Kimber KCAG in the past and this sounds slightly smeared compared to the USD. 

Is the usb cable just as good?

Thanks Dave"


August 2013

[Ultimate Silver Dream interconnects]

"Hello Alister,

Some weeks ago I received two Artisan Silver Cables. I'm very, very content with them: a real upgrade for my (Linn)installation. That's the reason why I ordered two other cables... 

...Best regards.





[Digital WBT pure silver digital interconnect]

"Hi Alister

So, it is August and I am ready to order yet another great product of yours :)

But first let me apologise for the assumption I made in my last email which turned out to be totally wrong. On receiving your digital interconnect, I assumed that changes cause by the burning-in process would be so incremental and subtle that by the time the process was over I would not be able to detect them. Wrong. What happened in reality was that, after a week or so of continuous use, there was a rather obvious improvement to the sound (or my perception of it). This improvement can be summarised in one word - settling-down (or is it two here?) - but it is not easy to define. Everything has settled down indeed, becoming more smooth, even and coherent, but without any relative loss of specific frequency range or detail. 


I think, it is better to try to illustrate what I mean with two examples. First, in the very beginning of the Moonbeams and Polka Dots, I can now clearly hear Bill Evans' squeaky pedal. Even at very low listening levels, while previously it was buried behind the tape-hiss which is quite audible on this 24/96 recording. Secondly, and more amazingly, on Waltz for Debby, I can still clearly hear all the audience-chatter and the clanking of the glasses and cutlery, but, while audible, it has clearly receded into the background and no longer interferes with the music the way it used to. I have no explanation for this, nor do I care really; just enjoying what I am hearing now. Thanks a lot! :)

So, now it is time to order the analogue interconnects, and suspect the difference they will make would be even more impressive...






[Ultimate WBT interconnects]

"...Have been listening to all sorts of music for hours with your cables, trying to figure out what looked/sounded like a puzzle from the off: they begged for higher listening volumes, as it were, while it was obvious, at the same time, that this had nothing to do with any loss of low-level detail compared to Nordost Heimdal 2s.

In fact, it was clear that there was more detail in the upper frequency range. And yet, everything sounded smoother, while certainly not due to any roll-off. The only explanation I have so far is that your interconnects are much better shielded against all sorts of interferences causing distortions. And these are just first impressions. You are clearly making great products!


Thanks again,





[Ultimate WBT interconnects]

"Hello Alister

I think, by now I've got a grip on the sound of your cables; or rather, to be more precise, on how my system sounds with your interconnects compared to the Nordost Heimdal 2.


After the burning-in process, I still think your cables take a tiny bit of edginess off the upper midrange; but I suspect this has something to do with better shielding from various interferences which, in turn, may well be specific to my set-up.


Other than that, I am getting more three-dimensional soundstage on which I can with some recordings locate not only the positions of various instruments but also the body/size of individual instruments themselves. However, have to admit that, given the quality of the Heimdals, the improvement, while audible, is not dramatic - you have to listen really carefully to spot it. 


The difference is more significant in how the two sets of interconnects handle attack and decay. Nordosts seem to be slightly better with the former, but yours are are definitely better when it comes to the latter. Consequently, the overall sound is more flowing and relaxed. Yet, this does not mean 'polite' at the expense of honesty. Put on something grungy and you get a lot of grunge. 


Still, there are two, somewhat conflicting, areas where respective emphasis on attack and decay was more important for me. First, while your interconnects seem to offer at least as good bass-extention as the Nordosts, with the latter there's slightly more slam to the bass. But second, because of the more relaxed character of your cables, the difference between them and the Nordosts reminded me of the difference between a NOS and a good sigma-delta DACs respectively. NOS ones usually sound less detailed and a bit rolled-off on the treble side, but much more musical. 


The last point I need to clarify. It is not the case at all that your cables offer less detail or less treble (again, as you know, my eclipse-td speakers are not the best ones to judge the frequency extremes). All the detail and all the treble that my speakers are capable of delivering are there, but in a more nuanced way, not invariably 'in your face'. But then, again, personally, I am not a big fun of hearing all the nails hitting all the individual strings at the expense of the chords or musical sequences. Now, when it comes to movement, to the overall musical flow, I certainly like yours better.


While all this may well be a matter of personal preferences or specific set-up, one thing is surely quite 'objective': once you add respective prices to the mix, I think, the choice is clear-cut:)

Thanks again, and looking forward to ordering the speaker cables,




June 2013

[Ultimate Silver Dream interconnects]


"Hi Alister,


...I burnt them in on the spare setup for five days 24/7 with several cds on repeat before hooking them up to the main culprits (Caspian mk1 & MF A3, both from circa 2000).


Terrific improvements right across the board as I expected, previously dead recordings have burst into life with that 'Cor blimey' factor, sadly missing from my music...


...I am now tightening my belt with a view to upgrading the speaker cable with your very finest.


In the mean time, any news on production of your top flight mains cables?

Seriously must have product. Was considering Kimbers' Signature from RA, but no contest. 



Alister, i hope in all earnest that somebody is looking out for you, that you don't go bankrupt as your prices seem to be so incredibly low for what the customer gets in return...



...You have my utmost respect, sir.



The very best to you,



Wayne R. C."  








April 2013

[Pure silver headphone upgrade cable for Sennheiser HD-650s]

"Sadly I'm leaving for a trip tomorrow and I won't have time to listen so much. But from my initial listen I can tell that the effect is pretty amazing! My phones feel a lot clearer and faster now! I can say I didn't expect this much!
So thanks again, I might write a bit more when I get a chance to listen more.  



March 2013

[Pure silver headphone upgrade cable for Sennheiser HD-600s]

"Hi Alister,

Sorry for the delay but I've only just [today ] received the Headamp GS-Xmk2.
In short I first listened to my HD-600's with it's supplied cable and
then the 4 pin XLR silver cable I got from you.
With the supplied cable the sound quality was and is very good, in fact most if
not all would be very happy.

I then plugged in the custom cable you did and the change was amazing,
the sound quality is more open and intense [in a good way ] and it was as if a
veil had been lifted, I also had to turn the volume down by about
Using the 4 pin XLR may also have contributed to that as well as your cable.

The HD-600 / GS-Xmk2 with your cable is a very pleasurable musical

Thank you for making such an amazing cable.





[Ultimate WBT interconnects]

"...I'm enjoying the cables I bought from you last year immensely. They have a remarkable combination of dimensionality, depth and detail. I can't imagine ever replacing them and am looking forward to incorporating the two new pairs into my system. 

All the best,



February 2013

[Ultimate Silver Stream USB cable]

"Hi, just letting you know my views on the cable and your service.

I have had it in my system now for long enough to make a proper judgment. I don't go in for hifi hyperbole but it sounds clean, pure, airy, tonally accurate etc., which all adds up to more lifelike and enjoyable to listen through than any other USB cable I have found.

I have tried a few, including recently the Aqvox cable, but none of them sound right for one reason or another. I was hesitant to spend the amount of money asked for your cable, but was reassured by your money back guarantee.

 Anyway, I won't be returning it or trying any more cables, as I feel sure I won't find a better one. Thanks for the communications and the quick delivery."




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