to the home of pure silver audio cables

We're a British company, shipping to any country for free and producing World-beating pure silver cables that out-perform others costing many times more.

Many prices still lower than in 2011!


The essence of what we aim to achieve:

"I listen to a wide range of music across all genres: classical, R&B, popular and rock, I'm especially fond of choral and solo voice and I can now experience all this as real performances rather than recordings."

Read lots more customer feedback here.


We exclusively sell all cables direct from this website: no middlemen. This means much better prices than other companies supplying pure silver cables.


All of our cables are hand-built to order with great care (hence the name "Artisan"). Each cable is individually tested before dispatch.


Prices are in British Pounds Sterling. Our overseas customers will find that the current exchange rate of the British Pound makes this an extremely favourable time to buy!

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