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Ultimate Silver Network

Pure silver network /ethernet cable

August 2019: introducing our new pure silver network cable



For those of you who've been asking - we finally did it!

Digital music set-ups are becoming increasingly sophisticated and can offer wonderful sound.

As we've all learned over the years, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link and all things are important to achieving the end result - and it turns out that network cables are no exception!


There's no point "doing things by halves" is there? 

So we've thrown all the good stuff at this one:

8 x 26AWG pure silver conductors are arranged in our signature braided configuration, which naturally rejects noise. Then they are fully shielded.

The RJ45 connectors used are by Telegartner - beautifully constructed, we believe these to be simply the very best available.

The Sound:

In the context of a properly-optimised high-end digital system, music simply becomes more transparent, vivid and real sounding. 

Read some very complimentary customer feedback here. 



Order your Ultimate Silver Network cable here:

Lengths from 0.5 metres to 4.5 metres - please choose from the drop-down menu below...

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