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Speaker cables review

Ultimate Silver Dream Speaker Cable customer review September 2013


"Hello Alister

After 50 hours or so, the USD speaker cables have settled, it seems, and whatever tiny grain/harshness was there at the upper end of the frequency range is gone. Now everything just sings.

It does so differently, depending on the system. That is to say, the USDs are not 'correcting' the system, but enhance/reveal whatever is there.


Plug them into Naim's UnitiQute and you get the familiar muscular, rhythmic presentation, with blooming, superbly controlled bass. (In fact, that was the biggest surprise for me personally: how well the bass was handled.


Neither my previous Nordost Red Dawns, nor nothing-special-but-decent Audioquest copper cables could do that. With Eclipse TD510mk2s rated at just 42Hz(-10dB) I was thinking of turning off the sub altogether, but eventually settled with lowering both the rolloff frequency and volume significantly.)

Switch to battery-powered Altmann's BYOB amp and Attraction DAC in combo with Eclipse TD508mk3s in a near-field set-up, and you get an airy, delicate and detailed sound-stage which is as close to holographic as possible...

Importantly, all the above holds true with any kind of music, as long as it is well recorded.

From The Clash and Joy Division to the usual ECM suspects or Chesky Records, it just all sounds great. (My personal favourite at the moment is Radiohead's Reckoner, where what often ends up as a jumble of sticks, cymbals and variously timed reverbs on the numerous layers of Yorke's voice, all barely held together by the guitar riff, now sounds like a single coherent whole.)

So, thanks again and thanks a lot! (Even though it now looks like I will be ordering another pair, to keep both systems ultimately silver-dreamed.)




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