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March 1st 2016: Customer review of "The Nth Degree" interconnects, with Furutech RCAs. Thanks Tom!

"Review of the Artisan Silver Nth Degree analogue interconnect 01/03/16


I already had the Ultimate Silver Dream (USD) connected between my pre-amplifier and my power amplifier. Having been so pleased with this purchase several years ago I wondered what difference their top of the range Nth Degree cable would make to the sound as an upgrade to the USD.


I had a plan!!

I had lined up six tracks to play to compare the two cables.

First, I would listen to a track with the USD cable in place. Secondly, in traditional style I would swap it for the Nth Degree Cable.

I intended to repeat these steps for each track as part of my review.

The plan failed!! Well partially.


Once I had listened to the first track with the USD and then with the Nth Degree I did not need to take the Nth Degree out of the system to carry out any more comparisons.

I listened to all six tracks as intended and many more to be truthful but all with the Nth Degree in place.

The difference was so obvious between the two cables.

Don't get me wrong the USD is great and will be staying in the system for now between my phono amp and pre-amp replacing an existing copper based cable, it is clear, has excellent timing, with great bass, mid-band and treble. Nothing can touch it at that price. Nothing!


The Nth Degree is faster, much more open, mid-band is incredible, the Bass definition is special and the whole sound is more natural in its presentation, almost organic.

I didn't realise I still had some sharpness on my CD replay which has now completely gone and sounds much more like my turntable presentation with vinyl.


The Nth Degree will be staying in situ between my pre-amp and power amp (end of).

I thoroughly recommend the Artisan Silver Nth Degree interconnect cable for anybody who owns a budget separates system right up to a highly expensive Esoteric system in the many thousands of pounds.

It will improve it!


I dread to think what you would need to spend on an alternative cable to even come close to this audio supremacy!!"

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