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Ultimate Digital Dream 

[now replaced by

The Nth Degree Digital]

Customer review

Ole's Review of the Ultimate Digital Dream digital interconnect cable - November 2014


"Hello Alister 

I have now had the time to review the cable and must say, I am very satisfied. 


It replaced a Nordost Blue Heaven, which by the way is also a great cable, and I use it between a Cyrus StreamX2 and a Mcintosh D100 DAC/Preamp. The power amplifiers are Vincent SPT 800 monoblocks upgraded with NOS tubes from Mullard, Mazda and Amperex. Speakers are Vincent LX 310 floorstanders.


The Ultimate Digital Dream simply gives me more of what I try to do with my system, which is to get the best possible analogue sound (I can afford) from digital media.

I have come a long way in achieving this, and my system sounds better (in my ears J) than most of the turntable based systems I have heard at demos.


With good recordings and hi-res music I get a huge soundstage, very natural, detailed voices and a musical sound.

All of this has taken a step further with The Ultimate Digital Dream, and all music just sounds better and more “right”.


With some very good recordings, it just seems like the walls in my room vanish, and the music is flowing unrestrained in the air, which I have never experienced before The Ultimate Digital Dream came into my system. 


Thank You for a great cable !!! 

Greetings from Denmark


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