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"The N'th Degree" Digital

Flagship digital interconnect.


"To the nth degree" - a phrase meaning

"To the utmost degree; without limit".

This the best digital cable we know how to make.


"With some very good recordings, it just seems like the walls in my room vanish and the music is flowing unrestrained in the air, which I have never experienced before

The Ultimate Digital Dream [now replaced by The Nth Degree Digital] came into my system."


(Customer reaction November 2014 - full comments here.)



A shielded cable (essential for digital cables) with 8 x DCT'd pure silver conductors, each separately insulated in Teflon tubing and arranged into a braid to further increase rejection of external interference.


This cable contains about twice as much silver as the more affordable 

Digital Dream.




It is fitted with the wonderful

WBT 0110 AG connectors

We believe these to be the best RCA connectors available bar-none for digital transmission (options for XLR or BNC connectors shown below). 


They have a pure silver pin - allowing an uninterrupted pure silver path for the signal.


The design has been optimized by WBT to eliminate signal-degrading eddy currents and to give an ultra-wide bandwidth along with a true 75 Ohm impedance, specifically to allow for the best possible, loss-free transmission of digital signals.



Click image to enlarge





The resulting sound is ultra-secure, very vivid and reveals unsuspected new levels of low-level detail that other digital cables simply gloss over.


Tonally, it sounds extremely neutral from top to bottom, but with no harsh edges. In our test system, there was greater bass detail, resulting in rhythmic information sounding more secure & perfectly timed.


We are extremely proud of this cable!



Customer reaction to the Ultimate Digital Dream (now replaced by

The Nth Degree Digital) February 2014:


"...Even with this brief encounter your cable runs rings around other far more expensive offerings from major manufacturers that I have to hand e.g. Kimber Select KS 2020 at more than double the price...

...Detail is extraordinary. Never pushed forward, the tiniest sounds become clear but in a completely natural manner."


Read this customer's comments in full here.


Alternative connection choices:


BNC customers never had it so good! 

We have the "Oyaide SLSB" BNC connector which is very beautifully made (as expected from Oyaide), with a pure silver centre pin.

Read Simon's lovely review of the Oyaide BNC version






If you need XLRs (for AES/EBU connections),

The Nth Degree Digital can be fitted with Furutech's new flagship CF-601M NCF / CF602F NCF connectors, featuring Furutech's patented Nano Crystal Formula advanced damping material. 

In our opinion, these are the world's finest XLR connectors. They are expensive, but worth it...


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Order The N'th Degree Digital pure silver digital interconnect here:


30 days no-quibble trial period: if these cables don't produce the desired effect in your hi-fi system, send them back for a full refund. 


Free World-wide shipping.


Connector choices:

WBT-0110AG RCA plugs,

or Oyaide SLSB BNC connectors,

or WBT RCA to Oyaide BNC,

or Furutech's flagship CF-601M NCF & CF-602F NCF XLR connectors

*PLEASE NOTE - digital interconnects are intended for digital transmission only and as such, they come in single lengths - not pairs




Digital Silver Cables - Full Range




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