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Ultimate WBT 


For those who want the very best!


The Ultimate WBT is a pair of our very popular Ultimate Silver Dream pure silver cables, terminated with the finest locking RCA plugs from WBT: The 0102 AG Nextgen. Full details of this connector on the WBT website: here.


This maximises the sound quality of the Ultimates to their full potential: in the context of a high resolution audiophile system, the difference is not subtle.




The Sound:


When we first tried WBTs on our silver cables, we were surprised at how different they sounded.

They have an unusual design - the outer plug is fully electrically isolated from both positive and negative connections - thus the outer  body can act as an EMF shield. The housing has minimal metal content to minimise eddy currents within the plug - to the benefit of sound quality.


The central signal-carrying positive pin is pure silver - allowing for an unbroken chain of pure silver from the cables through to your equipment's RCA socket.


Then we also have the locking mechanism - the outer cover is left loose while you plug them in, then you twist it tight, which causes them to grip the socket tightly - giving an ultra-secure, low-loss connection.


The sum effect of all this obsessive design detailing is that the WBT version of the Ultimate cable exhibits an increase in perceived purity of sound and tone over the standard Cardas version (which is already excellent in this respect). The midrange sounds smoother; the upper treble exhibits greater sparkle, without harshness. The whole sound seems cleaner and yet very low-level details become more easily heard. The effect can be partially heard even in cheaper systems - where it simply sounds a little bit cleaner - but in higher resolution audiophile systems, the difference is much more obvious and strong. 

Some recent customer feedback for the "Ultimate WBTs" (March 2017): 

"Hi Alister, 

I must admit that I'm floored by the performance of the WBT-USD cables. 

With the WBT plugs almost all aspects of the sound improves: more air, more depth, 

added pinpoint sharpness and micro dynamics and a generally improved sense of the music just flowing naturally from the speakers...Lars"


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Each set of 4 WBTs costs us around £170, so that is reflected in the prices below. The plugs will be ordered separately for each Ultimate WBT order.


Therefore, there will be approximately 10-14 days turnaround between placing an order and it being dispatched and the 30-day trial period is not available.

Order the Ultimate WBT here:

Available in sizes from half a metre to 1.75 metres. 

30 days no-quibble trial period: if these cables don't produce the desired effect in your hi-fi system, send them back for a full refund. 

Please choose the size required from the drop-down menu:




Silver Cables - Full Range


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