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June 2017 - first customer reaction

to the new "Ultimate Silver Stream 2" pure silver USB cable

"Hi Ali,

I've been very busy but today I got the time to listen to your new USB cable and I think it is awesome.


What surprised me most is, how very natural and musical the sound is.

My former, twice the price reference has very high definition, and on a complex message, like a vocal quintet with choir in an opera, I could clearly hear all voices.

But what I get from your cable is much more natural sounding, while at least as detailed.


I feel this is less "hi-fi" (though it checks all the boxes in that regard) and more music: atmospheres, nuances, notes extinctions which you hear but can't place. I believe the only question for any audio gear is: do you want to listen to more music with it. I do. 



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