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June 2017 - further customer reaction

to the new "Ultimate Silver Stream 2" pure silver USB cable

"Hi Alister,


I’ve installed your Ultimate Silver Stream 2 USB cable into my system, which now means that the entire signal path from music source to speakers is silver! And what a difference that final ‘piece of the puzzle’ has made! Very happy, very!


After many hours spent listening (I haven’t quite got to 50, but the significant ‘easing in’ of the cable really took place in the first 5 or 6 hours - during which I found it difficult to get up and do anything, because I just wanted to keep listening), there’s just no doubt that you have delivered auditory magic, yet again!


So, how to explain..? I think the best way to capture the change is - greater clarity, more depth, more texture.. If the whole is meant to be greater than the sum of the many parts that make it up, the only rider I’d add is that this is true - IF you can hear all of the many parts.. And that is exactly what the new USB cable has achieved! All of the ‘bits’ that were previously there, but not properly defined, have come out to play - adding immeasurably to the overall impact of every recording I’ve listened to. That, in turn, is a pretty significant statement when it is ‘just’ the interconnect between the music source and DAC…


I’ve played a number of my reference lists, picked up all the tracks that cause the most pain to reproduce, played all formats and all genres - and there’s not a single track that isn’t significantly better. The bottom end is better defined and better separated, mids fuller and more three dimensional and some of the highs soar through the space like they will never land! I’ve also had to turn the volume on the pre-amp down about 10% - which is a sure sign that more information his reaching the DAC (there’s no pre-amplification in either the server or the DAC).


So Thankyou, Thankyou! I have only two regrets - the first that I didn’t manage to find you before I purchased the other silver interconnects elsewhere.. I guess at least I found you in time for the speaker cables. :) And the second, that I have to leave here tomorrow, so will be without this amazing sound until early next week when I return. 


Your speaker cables and the new USB cable have taken my musical enjoyment to heights I really didn’t believe possible.. :)


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