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Digital Dream

digital interconnect


September 2022: The Digital Dream returns, with higher quality RCA connectors...


Pure silver S/PDIF digital hook-up cable.


Unlike our analogue cables, most of which are unshielded woven configuration,

the Digital Dream is a shielded design

(essential for digital cables).

Great quality at an affordable price: you perhaps won't be surprised to know that we think it blows similarly-priced digital interconnects out of the water.


The full potential of the digital source is preserved intact and passed onto the DAC with all its life and vibrancy.

The sound is utterly pure and lacking in artifacts. It will maximize the potential of any digital source/ DAC combination.

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The RCA version now uses fabulous quality locking WBT-110CU connectors. 

The design has been optimized by WBT to eliminate signal-degrading eddy currents and to give an ultra-wide bandwidth along with a true 75 Ohm impedance, specifically to allow for the best possible, loss-free transmission of digital signals.


The XLR version

(for AES/EBU type digital connections)

uses the excellent

Furutech FP-701M & FP-702F connectors.

Customer feedback:



after about two weeks of evaluation I would say that your digital cables share the same qualities of your interconnects.


To be fair my experience with digital cables is not equal to that of interconnects, but even in my limited experience they seem to have a huge quality/price ratio.

I think you hit the target again....




30 days "no quibble" trial period: 

If this cable doesn't achieve what you hoped for in your system, 

please return it for a full refund.



Free Worldwide shipping.

Order the Digital Dream pure silver  digital interconnect here.


Available with RCAs, or XLRs (for 110 Ohm AES/EBU connection).

Please choose connector type and length from the drop down menus below.

*PLEASE NOTE - digital interconnects are intended for digital transmission only and as such, they come in single lengths - not pairs. 

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