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Upgrade Cables

Pure silver headphone upgrade cables - for various makes

The high-end headphone scene has exploded in the last decade and there are now plenty of companies offering extremely high-performance headphones. 

Audeze fit, with Furutech

stereo jack plug

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Many of these have detachable cables, leaving the door open for taking their performance into the stratosphere, by replacing the stock cables with top-quality pure silver versions.


High-end headphones are very high-resolution devices and because of this, it is very easy to hear major improvements across the board when upgrading the cables.

Sennheiser HD-800 fit,

with 2 x Neutrik XLRs

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All these improvements add up to what we believe may be the finest headphone cable available anywhere.


The cable completely outclasses stock cables (and is also far better than the most popular upgrade cables which use copper conductors). It will happily take on any of its rivals - some of which are more expensive.


To get the full benefit, you should upgrade to one of our pure silver interconnects between your source component and your headphone amp first - all parts of the signal chain need to be optimised to allow maximum information through.



The type of sound quality benefits that you can expect to experience over the stock cables include:


* A much more open and free sound, expanding far more out of the head.


* Far more information revealed and a removal of veiling.


*Well recorded tracks absolutely leap into vivacious life and detail - yet with no harshness.


*Less well recorded music becomes easier to listen to with better musical flow.

Sennheiser HD-650 fit,

with Furutech jack plug.

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We've taken our well-regarded original headphone upgrade cable and improved it in every area for this Mark 2 version.


It is now a real "Rolls-Royce" among headphone cables in terms of its construction and offers the following benefits over the "Mark 1" original:


1.) The pure silver conductors are now augmented with strands of Kevlar, to offer improved strength.


2.) Handling noise has been reduced.


3.) The cable is more flexible.


4.) The highest possible quality 1/4 inch headphone jack is used - a beautifully constructed item made by Furutech.

This gives further improvements in sound quality:

greater information gets through and the transparency and purity of the sound are further enhanced.

(We also offer a balanced version, with Neutrik XLR connectors, for those people using balanced headphone amplifiers.)


April 2010: a quote from a satisfied customer:


"Hi Alister...Now for the update on your Mark 2 Sennheiser headphone cord; WOW! What a difference; I have been using this new cable for a few days now with amazing results.


The sound through my Lehmann headphone amp is much “Louder” (which probably means that more of the signal is getting through), clearer, more detailed, more spacious, more extended you name it – there are VAST improvements in every single area.


What an upgrade to my Sennheiser HD650s! Thank you once again for producing such an excellent product. The 3 metre length is also now perfect...With best regards, Leslie"

Please note: all headphone cables are made-to-order. Due to their complex Kevlar-reinforced construction, they are hand-built for us to our exacting specifications, by a separate specialist manufacturer. Therefore please allow 2-3 weeks between ordering a headphone cable and it being dispatched.


Free shipping | World-wide

If your high-end headphones have a detachable cable, there's a good chance that we can build a pure silver cable to suit.

Here is a list of some of the makes of headphones that we can cater for

(it is not an exhaustive list): 




Dan Clark Audio









Two lengths are offered:

A two metre cable is £429, minus the 2024 10% discount = £386. 

A three metre cable is £479, minus the 2024 10% discount = £431.

To enquire, please email us with the make and model of your headphones 

and the type of connector you need at the amplifier end. 



Free shipping | World-wide



May 2010: Amine Slimani reviewed the "Silver Dream 2" Sennheiser cable for As you see, he rather liked it!


"With a transparent component like the Mark2 cable, it is hard to go into the classical bass/mids/highs description. While the Mark2 extends the frequency response in both the low end and extreme highs, it doesn’t have a sonic signature of its own.

However, by comparison to the stock cable it is apparent that the bloated mid-bass is gone and that the high frequencies are a lot cleaner through the Mark 2 cables.


What the Mark2 allows to do, in comparison with the stock cable, is a finer and more precise reading on the true harmonic structure of different instruments and voices...

While I have found in the past that the Mark1 cable was notably faster than the Moon Audio Blue Dragon and the Stefan Audio Art Equinox Cables, I have found that it was surpassed by the Mark 2 cable as well the RAL Cable in transient speed. What it means for the Mark2 cable is that sounds appear and disappear instantly...What it means is that all natural (unamplified) instruments will sound like they are supposed to, provided the upstream components (especially the DAC) are up to the task...


Overall the Mark2 silver dream “de-veils” the HD-650 by offering a cleaner and clearer window to the representation....The Mark2 cable preserves the natural warmth of the recording without adding or subtracting can not only clearly hear the fundamental of the note being played but also all the overtones...Going from the stock cable to the Mark2 cable, you get a more complete and richer representation....


Surprisingly these differences are not only heard in my reference system. Even on the cheap Audio-gd FUN DAC/Headphone amp combo, the improvements going from the stock cable and the Mark2 cable are easily audible...


The Mark 2 cable improves the layering of the soundstage and provides a much more precise imaging than the common copper based cables...The dynamic range of the Mark2 cable is amazing: it retains the low level information when playing loud material; it can go from whisper levels to explosive levels in an instant and at very low listening levels, the details are not obscured or muffled like it is the case with the stock cable...The reason the HD-650s sound clearer with the Mark 2 cable is simple, it is because all the low level details are there in spades...


This wasn’t only noticeable with a selection of high quality music but it was also noticeable when using the HD-650 for listening casually to movies or series. With the Mark 2 cable, you get all the little details that fool you into being actually there..."

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