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Pure silver

Ultimate Silver Dream speaker cables

+ speaker jumper cables 

"Now everything just sings." Full customer review here. 

2023: Amazing new customer review


All prices include free world-wide shipping.


Please note: There is a 2-3 week turnaround on orders for speaker cables, as materials often have be specially ordered in. Only available as a custom order (30 day trial does not apply).


Don't see the option that you want? Contact us anyway - we might be able to help.

Recent Feedback:

"Hi Alister,
I know it's still very early and these speaker cables have a long way to go until fully broken-in but I have been enjoying them so much last night and today that I just had to tell you.


Last night I was noticing how good things are starting to sound. And right now I just put on some music and am so impressed.


The differences I've been noticing have mainly been in increased clarity and resolution. And I love this new clarity. Last night I was also noticing greater depth and dimensionality, and as you know, my speakers do not usually excel in these areas.


The USD cables are showing me what my amps and speakers are capable of. These speakers are better then I thought.
Best Regards,




Because of the higher levels and voltages involved with driving speakers, the conductors are necessarily thicker and more numerous than those in our interconnects. There's a lot of silver in these babies!


Pure solid 22AWG (0.6mm) silver conductors, each conductor individually insulated with Teflon.

16 conductors per speaker.


Choice of terminations: Oyaide spades &/or banana plugs; or WBT spades &/or banana plugs

The picture shows a pair of Ultimate Silver Dream 16-conductor cables, terminated with banana plugs.

As of May 2019, these will have the fantastic quality Oyaide SRBN banana plugs, or Oyaide SPSL spade connectors as shown below.

Click image to enlarge


Order here:

Pair of Ultimate Silver Dream pure silver speaker cables, with very high quality Oyaide SRBN banana plugs / SPSL spades & 16 conductors per speaker (8 to the + terminal and 8 to the - terminal):

Please choose the length & connectors required from the drop-down menus below.



Choice of termination:




The Ultimate Silver Dream speaker cables can now be fitted with the World's finest spades or banana connectors from WBT.


WBT connectors benefit from obsessive levels of design detailing, designed to minimise signal loss and degradation at every stage.


All these small details add up to produce a purer, cleaner, more open sound (a subtle, but noticeable effect on lower end systems; more obvious improvements on higher end, highly resolving systems). 

New feedback from Simon in Australia, March 2017:

"...Given the time and energy that has gone into optimising every aspect of the signal path (from power to the speakers) in an attempt to achieve ‘real’ musical reproduction, I can honestly say that the investment in your cables is arguably the best investment yet..." Read Simon's comments in full here.

WBT-0681AG spade connectors - full details here

WBT-0610AG banana plugs - full details here


Choice of termination:

Order here:

Pair of Ultimate Silver Dream pure silver speaker cables, with WBT connectors & 16 conductors per speaker (8 to the + terminal and 8 to the - terminal):

Please choose the length & type of WBT connectors required from the drop-down menus below:



New in 2022:

Ultimate Silver Jumpers:

A set of 4 unterminated pure silver speaker jumper cables. 

Join your bi-wirable speaker terminals in the best, most uncompromised way.

Fully bi-wiring or bi-amping your speakers is just not an option for most of us - it's just way too expensive. 


However we can at least easily make a big improvement on the quality normally achieved using standard copper bus-bars.

Replacing them with these pure silver items is a cost-effective way of doing this and will result in a more open, pure and transparent sound with greater inner detail. 

Each of the four jumper cables has

8 x pure silver 0.6mm conductors (8 for + and 8 for -, so 16 conductors per speaker). Each one is then individually insulated in over-sized Teflon tubing - the same construction as our speaker cables.

They are each 8 inches long and a set of four is available for £260. 


Silver Cables - Full Range


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