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Hi-fi News
Review 2012

[Ultimate Silver Dream interconnects, with Cardas SLVR RCA plugs]


The prestigious "Hi-fi News and Record Review" has given this cable a highly complimentary review in its December 2012 edition:

This magazine is probably the longest-running and most highly respected of all hi-fi magazines - having been around for over 50 years. So it is a great thrill for us to get this review.



Some excerpts from the review:


"The hi-res recording of Vivaldi's violin concerto was depicted beautifully by Artisan's silver cable, the resolution of fine detail helping to give a most vivid portrayal of the acoustic in which the instruments were recorded. The strings had real leading-edge 'bite', the speed of transients all adding to the sense of 'being there' at a real musical event."


"Fresh and subjectively brightly lit, its openness helped the image to appear wide and deep."


"...praised highly for the way it allowed us to hear buried details of percussion and electronic effects. Moreover, it also sounded lovely with the Bantock symphony excerpt."


The full review can be read in the December 2012 edition of

"Hi-fi News and Record Review" magazine.

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