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June 2019: Simon reviews the Ultimate Digital Dream with Oyaide SLSB BNC connectors








"Hi Alister,


The latest Artisan addition to my reference system - your Ultimate Digital Dream with Oyaide SLSB BNC connectors - is now well and truly run in, and the outcome is (as always) an absolute joy to behold!


As you know, the challenge I faced was that the RCA output on Naim’s ND 555 Streamer was delivering very poor audio quality - even with a set of your Ultimate cables. Investigation using their digital (BNC) output into my Lampi DAC provided a far more promising outcome, but it wasn’t as pure or three dimensional as the sound generated by other source components (connected using your interconnects). 


Once the UDD BNC cable arrived, I plugged is straight in and set the Streamer running in the background to run it in.

By the next day, the change in the quality and beauty of the sound being generated from the high res version of streaming sources such as Tidal, Spotify and Apple Airplay (we don’t get Qobuz here) was simply astounding!

All of the magic that I’m used to hearing from audio coming from my Aurender server is actually present - from a streaming source! Credit to Naim, of course, but the difference between the previous high quality digital interconnect and yours is jaw-dropping. Truth be told, it’s almost impossible to tell whether the audio source is the Server or the Streamer now that all interconnects in the system are, once again, yours!


So many thanks! I’m still struggling to believe that such beautiful audio quality is possible when streaming is the source, but your cable has proved it, beyond doubt! Have a Happy Day - thanks to you I have even more listening joy ahead.. :)



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