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[Bi-amped "Ultimate Silver Dream" speaker cables with WBT 0610AG banana plugs.

Simon  is on a  long-running quest for a system that sounds like real musical instruments and he runs a highly and carefully optimised system, fronted by the amazing and intriguing Sophera LH1 speakers.]  


"Hi Alister, 

I’m now well past the first 50 hours of play time with your Ultimate Silver Dream/WBT Banana plug speaker cables since they arrived a few days ago - and indeed, have to admit that I’ve actually actively listened to well over 30 hours of that time - and that’s a very good indication of just how great they are!


I’ve been puzzling over describing the essence of the difference the cables have made - because it’s more than additional clarity and better resolution.. I think the best way to describe it is that the cables have freed every ‘voice’, every layer, many previously unheard harmonics and really every note - so that the sound is far more three-dimensional and just so much more ‘open’ that it beggars belief. It is now an exercise in bliss sitting listening, regardless of genre, volume or resolution of the recording!


It is a revelation - both literally and metaphorically. Given the time and energy that has gone into optimising every aspect of the signal path (from power to the speakers) in an attempt to achieve ‘real’ musical reproduction, I can honestly say that the investment in your cables is arguably the best investment yet. If I died today, I’d die happy!


Thankyou! :) 


March 2017: 

Customer feedback for our Ultimate Silver Dream speaker cables, fitted with WBT 0610AG banana plugs

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